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    wombat rocks should be in the next perth climbing guide. but the other areas mentioned are much better than wombats for bouldering.

    is there info on the net on point 4.5 or whatever it’s called ? emil ?

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    –cool that Wombat’s will be in the guide…

    –directions to point 45 were up on crankdownproductions (RIP) but i forget what they were… i think i also have the videos of baked nipple and the press floating around on my computer somewhere… but not the handy dandy map that was on that site that showed directions and classic climbs and links to guides and videos…

    –didn’t know problem 70 was dubbed “vlad”… is there a stick to get impaled on under it or something?

    –seth, you said walyunga is a good bouldering area… what problems are there? jason asked that a while ago but no one replied so all we know are the four that andy had videos of and the “new” ones we’ve put up… i saw a couple pics on mushy’s too but not many

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    Yeah there was a big sharp stump under it, since removed.

    I don’t know of alot of walyunga problems either aside from those you refer to. Jason et al have done a few. Emil, Wally and I have done a few of others including a couple of quality lines down the hill on the left a bit. These could be FAs, I have asked some folks but I find it hard to believe that Andy would have missed them, yet maybe they are.

    I am very tentative to name and claim FAs in established areas, unless I know for sure they are unclimbed.

    I’m all for guides and areas being updated but without the involvement of those who first developed the area etc it’s pretty tricky to get things accurate. As they should be.

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    Oi Seth,

    got any pics of the problems on the left you guys put up? or descriptions? Jason et al is Jason and Matt and I. I did a couple problems a couple years ago but the “new” stuff we did was just this winter…

    I reckon it would still be good if someone makes a guide (and I’m sure they will). Later, if someone else reckons they did some problems first the guide could be updated with the original name. Whatever. Then everyone’d be happy and at least there’d be a new guide.

    also glad the bouldering thread is getting some action…

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    What’s your email mike, I’ll send you what I have and descriptions.



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    finally some action!! i was beginning to think we had all gotten stuck under a rock! seth i think matt and i found the lines you are referring to on our last trip. although the neatest one did not look complete. chalk on the bottom but not on the obvious higher holds. we only looked at it as we were trying to put together a traverse on the same side of the ravine. i am keen to try then next time but i think they are in the higher grades.

    interested in coming out sometime seth?

    i wish you could attch pics here… i have one of the lines i am talking about.

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    * Yeah, problem 70 at Millers was dubbed ‘Vlad the Impaler’ by most of us I think. I sure wasnt game to try it until the enema stump was removed.

    * We were going to put together a guide for Point 9 and Point 45 boulders but being in a similar area to Millers, I thought we would run into the same issues as with the Millers guide. If you would like directions, I can email you a map. Point 45 especially is a worthy destination and Prize Fighting I think is still waiting a second ascent.

    * As for Walyunga, now that Andy is gone, Steve will be the best resource. It will likely be vague….

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    that’s hilarious.

    any drafts of the point 9/45 guides or info floating around that could be unofficially “leaked”… wikileaks… since access is an issue. not that i would want to go there– purely for research.

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    Mark Weatherill

    Mike, we are currently working with Emil to get the Millers guide published. If Point 9 and Point 45 have similar access restrictions then I am confident that we would be able to publish info for them too.

    I’m really keen to grow the bouldering section on the mini-guides page. If all we have is a map with directions then that is enough to get people started. It might be enough to spark the interest of someone else to further fill out the guide.

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    What about something like this?


    just put up pics of new problems you’ve done or add them to areas… dunno something similar to this would be good… you can even print up “guides” which are just collections of all the problems in the area… I used this site in Wisconsin which has even worse rock climbing than WA… just kidding. or am I?

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    Here’s a little vid from Boulder Rock, might be useful for beta.


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