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    Ross Weiter

    The bouldering comp at Rockface last weekend was great, thanks to the management (Bruno!) and CAWA committee and sponsors. I had a lot of fun. The single one thing I did not enjoy was the duration. I got there at 09:45 to register and the prizes were not handed over until 16:45. That’s 7 hours. Out of that I spent 3 hours bouldering (great!) and 4 hours standing around (not great). While I love to participate and really appreciate the organising effort, I am wondering if there are other busy people like me who would rather not dedicate the whole day to it. I have some ideas to make it more compact:

    1. Start earlier. Dont know about you but I am ready to go before 10:30……. 9:30am would not be unreasonable to start climbing.

    2. Three hours are a bit long. I noticed that at 2:30hrs after start there were many people standing around, no longer interested. I was one.

    3. I would disperse with the “finals”. Whoever gets the points in the wins, simple. This may encourage more of the U18s to enter, I know for a fact some of them did not enjoy being target of mass attention. It also reduces the route setting effort.

    Gym management may not mind having public use of their gym back earlier also, I imagine. So the whole thing incl presentations could be basically over at 1pm. What do others think?

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    Not so animale

    Yes agree that it was a long day, the start time could be earlier and registration time shortened.

    Three hours appears to be standard for pumpfest (maybe those that stopped at 2:30 will be encouraged to bump up their fitness for the next one?). In terms of timing would suggest that it’s more about learning experience for the organisers on how to get the comp to flow quickly.

    The finals were already pre-set so the setup time shouldn’t have been that long. Plus some of the placings and prizes for the other categories could’ve potentially have been handed out during that transition time or some other type of exhibit/distraction.

    Although I’m happy to not have finals, I’m sure there are others that would prefer to have them, it was after all advertised for the Open A categories to have finals. Perhaps they can just have the top 3 battle it out or maybe less problems?

    Not sure about the comment around encouraging more of the U18s to enter by not having finals, it wasn’t advertised as that category having the finals and appeared to be a last minute decision (perhaps due to lack of female Open A finalists). If they didn’t have the unplanned U18’s finals it would’ve cut the time down a little bit. The real question is how do you go about encouraging more U18s to enter full-stop?

    Music selection could’ve been better. Also were there spot prizes and door prizes handed out during the comp to encourage those who did participate?

    On the positive side it was indeed a lot of fun, it was great to see how supportive and encouraging the competitors were of each other. Good on CAWA for organising the event, the sponsors for supporting and the gym for putting on the event and setting the problems.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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