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    Hi am heading down to denmark next week and wondering if someone can point me in the direction of some bouldering down in that area. I have heard that there is heaps down around albany but cant find much info on it.

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    Mike (R)

    Elephant rocks (at Green\’s pool) is good (pretty highball stuff). Couple good boulders on top of Monkey Head, good long traverse around a boulder at Lights Beach I called Glass Mountain Policy (V3?) although I could finish the full circle – about a metre of it was pretty bare of features, Some fun stuff at what used to be Wilson\’s Inlet campsite but might be private property now, right by the inlet, but can be accessed on the bibulman trail, hmm, I forget what else is around Denmark but I think there were some other fun things to play around on too…

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    awsome thanks for the info

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    Hey scotty, how did you go? I’m headed down soon too and wouldn’t mind spending some time bouldering. I’m staying by Goode Beach, hopefully there’ll be some stuff within walking distance… What did you find?

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    John boy

    Hey area by far and our worst kept secret although it’s closer to Albany is mutton bird island area.four major sectors with over 120 problems vo to v6 with plenty scope for more and has been the focus of locals for some time now.with no access issues and perfect red and gold granite it’s the stuff of dreams.4×4 needed and the hilltop circuit dubbed the Alamo behind the gun club requires caution on live fire days.let me know if you need more info.happy tip ripping

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    Mike (R)

    Wow. Sounds like a cool area… I vaguely remember visiting Mutton Bird Island as a kid and I think swimming out to it. I guess the boulders aren’t on the island itself. Any guide being done? Or is it going in the Albany bouldering guide? Sounds great.

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    John boy

    Hi.not on the island itself but about 1km to the east there are 4×4 fisherman tracks well used that easily access 3major areas on coast and a couple of circuits on surrounding hilltops .it will be in Albany guidebook done soon I hope I just keep finding more stuff.if your in town can hook you up with topos and what has been number 0412548308

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    Hi there my boyfriend and I are bouldering a lot back home in Holland and are traveling around and would like to go climbing and bouldering here. Any recommendations or anyone keen to join us?

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