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    steve holland

    Hi Jay. I was waiting for your written apology re: pulling of the crux flake on the best boulder problem in Perth that was part of my weekly bouldering circuit, but I guess you don’t have my home address. Feel free to contact me and I will let you know where to send the letter and, I assume, the gift voucher.

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    Hi Steve really really sorry about that hold it was not done on purpose. It still is the best problem in Perth it is just harder. What did you have in mind for the gift. I could send the two chips that come off the crux hold or the big flake that almost peeled off on my face at the top. I really sorry. Well done on developing that area man it is sick.

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    Your praise and recognition will suffice, although a picture of a bloody and severed limb from the death flake would have been nice. Feel free to do a guide of the area, I am too lazy, took some photo’s and some gps settings and then gave up. Between Andy and Myself as well as a few others that I know of (Seth) there are probably around 70-80 probs. Some are even worth it. Anything new that anyone else finds is only there because it is crap and doesn’t deserve the effort, unless it is one I find, then of course it becomes world class.

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    Actually many of the things I put up there fall into the category of “crap and doesn’t deserve the effort”.

    I’d be happy enough to help out with a guide, and these days I’m really good at carrying crashpads…

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    What boulder problem are we discussing here? Just interested…

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    because it couldn’t be uncomfortably numb?

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