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    Heading up to Kalbarri for long wknd. The guidebook says you can camp in the old Z-bend car park in the National Park – does anyone know if this is still possible?

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    As far as I know, camping is not permitted in the car-parks or within 1 hours hike of the tourist spots.

    However, I have also heard that, unofficially at least, as long as you camp where no one can see you, like down at The Prom and out of sight of the lookout, and there are not too many people and camp in a sensible manner, then the ranger will turn a blind eye.

    But best to check with the ranger first!

    There is also a CAWA trip to Kalbarri over the weekend and we will be camping at a caravan park in Kalbarri. If you’re a CAWA member, you’re welcome to join us there. Contact Ash on 0405 763 847 for more info.

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    Thanks Phillip – maybe we’ll see you there! (Not sure about asking the ranger – I find it’s usually easier to get forgiveness than permission!)

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    Its good to register though. They get really pissed off when climbers don’t sign into the park.

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    Yes, we did do that actually….. There was all this stuff about minimum group size (5 I think) but there was a disclaimer you could sign…. I thought I’d rather not piss anyone off by climbing on his patch without at least announcing my presence.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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