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    Candy Andy

    Have completed the CandyLand topo. Hope people get out to try this area – it’s a great spot. Plenty to do at many grades. Great, featured granite, beautiful scenery, close to Perth, easy access (no 4WD required). Have sent the guide through to be put up in the mini guide section but it is available here for now:
    Hope to get some feedback re grades etc

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    Sick, Thanks for all the hard work and hope to see you out there.

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    mike (r)

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting for this one! can’t wait to check it out. thanks.

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    mike (r)

    fun names too. Someone’s been reading Tolkien and Rowling… Bit more family friendly than say some of the Mt Cook names…

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    Nice, looking forward to getting out that way.

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    Candy Andy

    Dont forget to take repellent. Lots of mozzies out there in humid weather today.
    All the Tolkien and HP references are down to our 3 young kids. They should probably do their own junior’s guide.

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    Mike (R)

    i figured the Thomas reference was your kids… At least there is no “Upsy Daisy, V9”. For a while that’s all my girl wanted to watch so I’m hanging out for the LOTR years.

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    Thanks Candy Andy 🙂 Nice guide… Looks like some nice problems. like the looks of trapverse and unstable headway

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    hey Andy
    Awesome climbing man thanks so much for developing it would be awesome to head out with a crew and get that dyno.

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    Tyrone C.

    Cant wait to go here! Thanks guys for the guide!

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    Andy its just awesome.  had loads of fun and stared gobsmacked at the projects. top effort mate

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    Candy Andy


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    Hi Andy,

    Any chance you have a rough document with grades at Candyland now based on feedback?

    Thanks 🙂

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    Nobody has ever given me any feedback
    Let me know how you go!

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    Mike (Hub)

    I’m just discovering this topo and the place now – virgin trip to Candyland tomorrow. Can’t wait! Thanks so much for all the hard work and good will, Candy Andy! We’ll be sure to let you know if we have any feedback.

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    Mike (Hub)

    Hey Andy,

    I’ve discovered a boulder in front of the Fat Controller Boulders that seems to have potential for three or four problems. It doesn’t seem to have any markings or signs of previous scrubbing or chalk. I’m just wondering if it’s been on the radar or part of an expanded topo plan?

    I’ll be happy to scope it out and try out the problems, and send you more visuals, if the boulder is open.

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    Mike (Hub)

    On the note of feedback and grades, I’ve tried the following climbs and would like to suggest some grades:

    1. Two Tones: V2/3 (crimpy crux makes it a little difficult to tell for me)
    2. One Way Street: V4 (personal favourite on this boulder)
    3. Cruisy Corner: VB
    5. Earth Boy: V1 (alternate finish along the sloping ledge toward the same top-out point as Rock My World is possible. Just slightly harder, but probably still on the V1 scale)
    7. Trapverse: V5/6 (love the technical crux foot on this one!)

    On our previous trip to Candy Land, we also found a nice traverse from the starting section of Stand Alone, up to and along the lip of the boulder, topping out via the easy corner on the right of Stupefy. It’s pretty easy, but long and makes for a nice warm-up or boulder to end the day 🙂 Possibly about a V3?

    Just my suggestions here – feel free to edit them as you deem fit. I have limited experience bouldering on granite, so I do apologise if my grades seem a little unrealistic or out-of-whack. Hope this helps!

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    Marc Papain

    Great spot! Went out here the other week and agree with Mike on grades mainly.

    Two Tones (V3)
    Cruisy Corner (V0)
    Earth Boy (V1)
    Sleazy (V1)

    I’m heading back out with a pad this weekend to try these three routes, can anyone confirm the grades on these or any other of the climbs there?

    One Way Street (V4)
    Stupefy (V4)
    Trapverse (V5)

    Any advice on grades would be great as im new to outdoor bouldering!

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