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    Anyone planning any trips/outdoor climbs during the Christmas/New Year period?

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    Hey Mel

    There is the CAWA end of year annual trip down south, where we do West Cape Howe, Peak Head, Porongorups etc, as well as a descent of the hungry hordes on the Albany chinese restaurant and bottleshops ;> It goes from about the 27-28 to shortly after New Year. Keep an eye out on this site for further info as the date draws nearer. Cheers

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    Hey Ang, Sounds awesome, if it doesn’t thunderstorm, you can count me in that one. If you were out of pocket from my late cancel last trip, please let me know and I’ll get that to you. Mel

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    shane shaw

    Mel I went on the CAWA trip last year and it was a great trip. The chinese is great and the camping is great, so is the climing.

    This year i am staying in Denmark for 1 week but if anyone is interested I am available for a climb if organised either at west cape howe or even Walpole or can always wander off somewhere else.

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    Hey Shane,

    Do you climb outdoors regularly? I’m only doing top rope(16/17’s) for now (keen to do lead when I build up my strength and technique a bit) If you have gear and don’t mind a newbie tag-along who is keen to get out on the rock and learn a bit, drop me a line … mel.bray@maunsell.com or call 0409 203 459.


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    shane shaw

    Mel there is a group of us that climb outdoors and indoors. To be honest i have haven’t had a climb for over a month now. but we did virtually all climb every tuesday at Urban Ascent and outdoors every week-end.

    I know the others are still doing a bit and also climbing on Tuesdays there are normally 2-3 girls and a couple of guys. I have all the gear for outdoor sports and trad climbing and the others all have an assortment of gear and ropes. We don’t care how good or bad people are at climbing it’s the company and just having a good time trying to climb and a few epic treks into some peaks for the day.

    if you have a face book send me an e-mail shaneshaw@iinet.net.au we all keep in touch via facebook or mobile.

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    Hi Mel,

    a bunch of us go climbing most Sundaze – you’re welcome to join us if you like.

    Saturday (06/12/08) will be the CAWA BBQ – see http://www.climberswa.asn.au/?news=5

    Come along and meet other climbers, but please note the bit about ‘Cost: CAWA members free, non-CAWA members $10. What a great time to join!’

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    Hey Phil,

    Sorry about not replying re: the BBQ on the weekend – I was away from Wed to Sun last week. Would love to come out on a Sunday – doing my dive ticket this weekend and next weekend, but planning to come down south for the trip after Christmas (will join CAWA before the trip). If you heading down then, perhaps we can talk about some Sunday climbs.

    Cheers Mel

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