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    Hi I am moving to Bunbary from South Africa. Are there any crags/bouldering near or around Bunbary. Alternaly where can I find Info.

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    Bunbury? I though they stopped sending people there against their will about 150 years ago? Oh… you’re going there because you want to…

    What a strange fellow…

    Bouldering near Bumbury – none.

    But great climbing at Willyabrup and Bob’s Hollow, about 80 km south.

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    It is worth going to the Bunbury PCYC indoor climbing wall (open Tue and Thu nights) to meet local climbers & find out more.

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    Mark Steele

    Welcome to bunghole.

    Yes it is well worth the effort to get down to the local PCYC on tuesday and thursday nights (although i haven’t lately..damn flu). It’s only a small indoor centre but has plenty of options. As of late we’ve be getting quite a few senior grade members (more than 20..it’s been quite busy).

    Here are the details

    Parade Road

    Bunbury WA 6230

    Tel: 08 9795 8690

    Fax: 08 9795 5249

    Email: club@bunburypcyc.org.au

    There are quite a few climbers at the pcyc that youll meet that climb outdoors on a regular basis. Some guys are traditional climbers whilst others prefer the sports climbing route. There is definately a good bouldering scene aswell.

    What grades are you climbing ? I am unsure if South Africa uses the same climbing grade scale as Australia but i know that the circle of people i climb with climb anywhere from around 12 to 20 sports..and the trad guys are probably into the higher grades.

    We do have some outdoor rockclimbing facilities around Bunbury (Wellington Dam quarry – CLOSED) but for now they are a no go zone until further notice. I keep in contact with several people in this area who have also explored the surrounds and have found some small quarries and other climbs. You’ll probably be able to gather more info at the pcyc.

    Margaret River and its associated climbing is only about an hour and a bit away driving. You then have access to Wallcliffe (sports), Wilyabrup (trad/sports/toprope), Bob’s Hollow (sports), Moses Rock (trad/sports/bouldering) and a whole heap of other areas.

    Perth is also a short trip away if you want to visit some of the larger quarries that have a very broad range of grades and most of if not all these climbs have been bolted. You will often find other people climbing there and it pays to get in early to stay out of the heat.

    I should also mention that there are some great guides available through this website that will give you all the info you need before heading out. There are also some free guides on this very site which come in handy.

    See you round. Make sureyou get down to the pcyc ifyou can. It will be well worth your while.


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    Mark Steele

    Please feel free to contact me by email for further enquiries.


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    SA Grades are similar to Aus, our grades are just out by 1 in other words SA grade 21 is Aus 20. Thanks will definitely pop in at the climbing wall. Use to climb Aus 21 sport, but have been out of the seen for a while. I still have a full trad rack as well so climbing easier grades on trad would be great.

    Hope to find some bouldering nearby to get and stay in shape. The climbing wall will definitely help

    Thanks for info

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    Mark Steele

    Gday again,

    Good to see you’ll get on down to the pcyc sometime soon. The guys i climb with are super casual and shouldn’t have any problems in giving you info on the local spots (if any that are close).

    We usually head down south once a month or more often and will be trying to keep busy in the next few weeks before winter sets in and ruins the fun. We do all kinds of stuff. We went and did an overnight trip to Stathams quarry a fortnight ago and i know some of my trad mates were at wilyabrup on the weekend just gone. I’m hoping to do a bit of a trip down to wallcliffe again soon aswell.

    The crew i climb with have really only just been climbing this year. I climbed competitively back in 1995-1998 in Perth but haven’t really climbed alot of outdoors until 2010. So far this year we’ve been down south about 8 times or so . We’ve also been to the perth quarry twice. The boys do occassionally get a trip up to perth to climb at an indoor gym when they can too. It will probaby be a more regular occurence once winter sets in.

    If you wanna keep in touch then im on FB aswell :S and most of us stay in touch one way or another.

    Stay cool and see you soon mate.


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    Mark Steele

    Also. Before i forget.

    If you are interested in getting in some bouldering. There is the Lighthouse Hotel right in the city. They have some large rock walls there that we train on from time to time.

    I usually tend to climb at the back of the hotel where i am out of sight. I have not ever been warned way from the area, although talking to some friends of mine, Chalk is a no-no. I do occasionally chalk up on the back walls though and you’ll see evidence there from the routes/problems that we have set there. You can pretty much make the problems there as hard or as easy as you want.

    You might even get a drunken cheer from local revellers as they head into town at night (i usually climb there at night and there is ample floodlighting from nearby lights).

    There are several other locations in town where we commit some “urban” climbing from time to time aswell.

    Taking a bouldering mat is useful as falling to flat hard concrete tends to jar the ankles. Just learn to ignore the stupid questions from locals as they wonder what you’re doing.

    I do remember Australind recreation centre also having some indoor stuff aswell. Although it’s atleast 8 years since i have been there. Might be worth checking out.


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