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    All the climbing gear you would ever need! Full rack of gear includes:

    1 Black Diamond gear remover
    1 HB stitchplate
    1 pair Boreal Ace climbing boots size 8 .5
    1 Petzl Ecrin Helmet
    2 Riley Rescue Pulleys
    1 Petzl Ascender
    1Vertical sit harness with chest harness
    1 Set DMM Peenuts 0 – 5
    1 x Vertical Etrier
    10 Screwgate carabiners (assorted sizes HB,Faders etc..)
    14 Quickdraws
    1 Set HB Brassies 00 – 6 (duplicate
    3 figure eights
    2 Sets DMM Walnuts 00 – 10 (inc 1/2 and 3/4)
    5 Assorted slings
    11 Boltplates
    7 Wild Country Technical “friends” 0 – 3 (including 1/2 sizes)
    Set of Hexagonals
    1 Mammut Dynamic rope 10.5mm rope (50m)
    1 Macpac Ascent Climbing Backpack

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    How much of this stuff have you got left? I was wondering the prices of a few items
    -ascender (right handed?)
    also how much have they been used, how stored, taken falls, when purchased.


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    Hi Simone,
    Its all left as I would prefer to sell it as a package. I have used all the items for gym and lead climbing. No serious falls and has been stored clean and dry in my garage. Some of the gear is 8 years old plus but the last 4 of those it hasn’t been used. I’ve finally realised that denial is not a river in Egypt and with three young kids.my climbing days are probably over 🙂 You are welcome to come look.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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