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    Quick question for all those with woodies (home climbing walls) is there any interest in locally made climbing holds? I’m hoping they’ll work out at a fraction of the cost of interstate or overseas ones. So far I have a limited range but hoping to make new ones soon. Will post some photo’s soon.

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    i think if they are any good and a fraction of the cost there would definately be a market. i would take some. your best bet is interent sales though as all companies rely on this as no one has enough demand in their local area.

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    G’day Mushy

    I am the centre manager for Rockface climbing centre and I often purchase large amounts of holds. If you care, drop me a line and we can talk.

    g*a*r*e*t*h@r*o*c*k*f*a*c*e.c*o*m.a*u just remove all the stars

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    I am about to try a new resin on some new holds. When I have more of a range I’ll contact you for sure.

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    John Knight

    I’ve been toying with the idea for years, and would be interested, particularly if you’ve got some advice on building a ‘woody’ for a complete novice like myself

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    g’day mushy. any update on the holds?? can you please email me on j pickett (the number two) @

    thanks mate

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    Climbing holds are on hold, due to a one year old that wants to play with all the materials and chemicals!!

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    G’day Jason! Good to see you are getting (or trying to get) new holds for that woodie! We should be back in the country before the end of the year and will have to come round and try ’em out!

    I’d be interested in buying holds too, Mushy. I like the photos you put up too. Thanks.

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