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    Jack Masel

    Hey guys, this idea is something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and something I think that would be really beneficial for the climbing community. I’m a regular at Rockface (it’s closest to home and has got a good crew) but I’ve been wanting to visit other gyms mainly City Summit with their upcoming competition and Hangout for the in-house comp they’ll be running next month as well as some diversity on the boulder wall. Here’s the problem: multiple gym memberships are expensive and once off climbs are too, there’s really no way around this at the moment that I can think of.

    Here’s my suggestion for a solution…

    CAWA sells a ‘Perth gyms membership’ card or something similar for a slightly inflated price than a membership to a single gym.

    benefits to the card holder is obvious; we get to visit different gyms, meet new people and climb fresh routes and problems.

    benefits to CAWA; get a small cut of profits from the inflated price and increased traffic online and more exposure in general to the climbing community…

    benefits to gyms: this is the tricky one… How do we convince the gyms to get on board? Obviously we’d have to somehow honestly split the sales of the memberships evenly based on the gyms current market share (which could be reevaluated bi-annually or something) and divide that way.

    What are the chances we could make something like this possible? I’d appreciate the opportunity to visit other gyms without breaking the bank! What do we all think of this idea?

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    I’d definitely be onboard for this. I too want to visit other gyms without having to pay for each once-off visit. Also, I would go more regularly to other gyms if it wasn’t so expensive!

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    It would never work!

    If you want to visit all gyms, get a 10 pass visit from each one and go as often as you want.

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    Jack Masel

    The 10 visit pass thing isn’t a bad idea. I hadn’t thought of that but it’s still not as good value as a 6 or 12 month one


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    If you want the convenience then you have to pay a bit more, which you would have todo even with your idea.

    Their is no way three gyms will split an unlimited membership for a discounted price.



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    Novel idea, however I agree with Carl.

    Each of the gyms have their own business drivers and it’s unlikely that they would see commercial benefit in this. They have bills to pay as well and in all likelihood it would erode their current membership numbers. I also doubt that CAWA would have the resources to administer this (don’t forget that it’s run by volunteers).

    The 10 visit passes are good. Also CAWA members already have discounted rates at most of the gyms, and even a further reduced rate for specific days of the week. This might not be the reason why people join CAWA but it is an added benefit. https://www.climberswa.asn.au/climb/gyms/

    If you’re looking for the flexibility and value for money then you’ll have to do the math.

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    Tyrone Clements

    Hey Jack,

    I’ll have a chat to Damien (owner of CS) about a 10 VP see if he is up for it, but I have to agree with the other guys an unlimited month style pass at all gyms wouldn’t work and would be near impossible to maintain. That being said a 10 VP card could be easy to organise, I like the idea of it I just don’t think the other gyms would jump on board (profit and competition etc). I’m all for helping the climbing community in Perth so I’ll see what I can do!

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