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    Unfortunately i couldnt make the boulder comp at rockface on saturday. How did it go?

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    it was hot, some probs were reachy, most were just a big crank… some probs were fun.

    By the top 10 stage, i think everyone was tired but they still cranked hard.

    Great prizes.. steep entry fee.

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    I could not make the comp and have no idea who won but had a go on Sunday night. Congratulations to organisers on a great effort, I am sure there was no money in it for them and it was a labour of love, it always is.

    Some personal comments about the problems: there were some really excellent “out of the box” ones like the megaknob in the back right corner. Also, there seem to be lots of sit-start-low-down scrunchy things. There did not seem to be many balancy or more technical problems eg. slopey traverses. My guess is that most of the setting was done by a small, lightweight person. Am I wrong? If it was Garreth then I am barking off the chart….some of the grades were way off: me and Remi took 2 tries to do a 15 pointer on Sun night…Remi’s lowest scoring climb in the comp was 31pts…. All of which is just minor commentary and I am totally biased by my age, height, weight etc, yes. So another great RF event, I am sure. Maybe I can actually make the next one! Esp if it is advertised a bit earlier…. 🙂

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    Hey Ross. Yeah I found the same, not many technical problems..

    Megaknob in the corner was a standout and also “Super Man” on the lead wall was another crazy boulder. Funnily enough I have done pretty much the same moves on a problem back in NZ… 🙂

    Still great event 🙂

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