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    As a (responsible?) member of CAWA I thought it necessary to mention the concerns of Dieback in the Southwest. Many people know what it is – lots don’t. Basically it’s a plant pathogen which is referred to as ‘the biggest threat to biodiversity in the southwest’. And it’s running particularly rife in the Stirlings (as well as many other areas). It kills plants and destroys habitat and food for animals.

    Not a concern when in the gym, but for those of us who venture outdoors – we are the major spreaders of the disease. It’s important for us to be responsible when we trundle through the bush to our favourite crags – we could be destroying it while we enjoy it!

    We don’t have to stop visiting the special places, however it is important to be clued in about the threats of the disease and how to stay clean – it can be as simple as cleaning our shoes with metho before we walk into certain areas. This goes for climbers, hikers, cyclists, 4wd’ers, motorbikes…etc.

    With risk of making this post too long, i just thought i’d throw it out there. For concerned people who want to know more, there are lots of internet references (www.dieback.net.au is a good one)

    Just something i think we should be aware of as we are recreating in one of the most beautiful parts of the planet. Cheers.

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