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    Hi guys,

    As an relatively inexperienced climber trying to improve my lead climbing skills I am looking for some safe (lots of bolts, short distance between bolts etc) and easy (<18) climbing. However I have been to Stathams and Mountain Quarry a lot, is there anywhere else in particular you could recommend?


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    Hit the gyms up for practice. There arent really any lines in perth with “lots of bolts, short distance between bolts.” WA is well known for its bold climbing. If you can lead well here you will kill it elsewhere. My $0.02

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    John Frum

    Lost World Crag.

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    Yeah, try Lost World or Llama Rock.

    Climbs in WA are really under-bolted. Like last year when I was at Mt Araps, I saw so many bolts, it’s unbelievable! On classic like The Bard, Lamplighter, Tannin, Muldoon, Lemmington, Mari, Quo Vadis, Scorpion, Thunder Crack, etc etc etc, there must be at least, oh, zero bolts!

    And of course in over-bolted places like the Dolomites, the number of bolts is even more incredible. On Pordoispitze (13 pitches) for example, there were at least three rusty ringbolts!

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    Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll hit up lost world on the weekend and give llama rock a go sometime soon. Glad to see it’s not just me with the bolt distance.

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