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    I heard today from my uncle, who teaches kids abseiling and lives in Armadale, that a man took a fall at Churchman’s Brook after abseiling off the top without checking to make sure his rope was long enough to reach the ground. Apparently he was about 6 metres short of the ground, and had not tied a stopper knot, so came straight off the end and broke (both?) legs and (both?) arms, as well as sustaining spinal shock. Apparently the SES got him out of there.

    As I said, this is second-hand. (And I forgot to ask when exactly it happened.) Does anyone have further info? I hope he is healing well, whoever he is.

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    David Wyndham

    I heard a story similar to that in August last year, not sure if it was a reference to the same incident or if it has happened again.

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    Spoke to a person from FESA.

    This accident happened last year. Tourist fell during an abseiling accident.

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