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    Someone took a terrible fall at Mountain Quarry yesterday afternoon, Saturday 15th Oct.

    A man fell from the top of the main wall about 50m up. He wasn’t a climber, he was on his own and there was no rope or climbing gear involved. He was not soloing. He was just hanging out at the top of the cliff in ‘normal’ clothes and shoes.

    If anyone knows more details and whether he survived, could you let me know.

    I was one of the 3 that took turns at CPR until the ambulance arrived. We never saw any cops or anyone to report to. The ambulance came and left without getting anyone’s details. Not sure what the procedure is in this case. Should I be calling the police to report my account?

    The response from everyone involved was excellent and if they read this I thank them all for their help, in particular the two 1st aider ladies who rapidly attended to him.


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    I was one of the 1st aider ladies and I have the same feeling. Do we have to report that accident to the police? And it would be very appreciated if we could get more inormation.

    Thanks everyone

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    Hi guys, this is terrible news but amazing effort from both of you. I’m not sure what official procedure is but i definitely think the responsible thing to do would be to follow up with the cops and at least leave your details – that way they can contact you if they need any information. Particularly if he dies then the police will be keen to know the story and if you were the only witnesses then i think they’d appreciate it. I’ve attended a car accident in the past and left my number with the cop just incase they needed more info later. If he does die then that’s really unfortunate but you guys did your best and it’s great to know there’s people like you out there.

    everyone go do a first aid course!!

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    I was one of the 1st aider ladies as mentioned above. I just spoke to the police and gave them my phone number in case they need more details. In case you want to do the same you have to call the Midland police phone number 92500333.
    The lady couldn’t give me more details but said “the outcome wasn’t good”.
    I’m very, very sorry for the family, but we First Aiders did everyting we could do.

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    Hi guys, police came about half hour after I got there and were asking around for details so if you have any info I’m sure they would appreciate it

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    Definitely inform the cops. It could could have been a suicide attempt, or he could have been pushed by someone, or just an accidental slip, who knows what led to the accident? In any case witness statements will be useful, not just into the event but into other activities…other people seen near quarry at the time etc….

    As to the people involved in FA, this must have been a very traumatic experience for you…

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    Done. I’ve just called police and left my details along with a brief description of what happened.

    True about first aid courses. Everyone engaged in these activities should do it. Even wrapping a broken limb or snake bite isn’t straightforward without the training. I also recommend the remote area first aid course which is the last one I did. It is quite relevant to climbing/hiking situations.

    EW, thanks again for the fantastic job you did.

    Another thing to point out is that although we had several 1st aid kits, no one had a pocket mask which would have been really good to have. I am kicking myself because I left mine with my scuba diving 1st aid kit. I will make it part of my standard kit from now on. I recommend having one, as the amount of blood can make things difficult for mouth to mouth.

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    Unfortunately he didn’t make it. I’m very sorry for his family and friends.

    The file is with the coroner and my understanding it that it will take a few days before the investigation follows up on the people who left their details.

    If anyone else can provide information please contact police assistance on 131444.

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    Hi guys,

    I was the fellow that called ooo and with you guys while doing cpr. I want to thank you guys for the effort you put in in keeping his heart beat going in face of the horrific scene. I cant believe what we have seen. Make sure we all talk about it to someone close and dont keep it bottled up. He made it to the hospital alive but as you are aware of didnt make it. My rockclimbing buddy and I saw him up top 2 hours earlier right on edge and mentioned that he is very close, we thought he must of been a hiker or something, and then didnt see him until this happened. We couldnt of acted faster or did more than we did.

    Take care and God bless you with His peace


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    Great work in doing what you did guys. It’s a terrible situation to be put in, and the climbing community is behind you.

    Beau’s advice is very important – it can be really easy to get affected after attending a severe first aid incident, particularly one that doesn’t end well despite your fantastic efforts. If you do start question yourself about it – most people do get the “could I have done something better/faster?” or “did I make mistakes?” thing, understand that you did your best, that’s all anyone could have done, and no-one could expect more. If it gets to you, talk it out with your mates or family, or contact St Johns for support.

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