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    Yesterday (02/11/08) I went to Statham’s Quarry at about 2.30 pm. The gate was wide open – it is suppose to be locked.

    There were about 5 other people there and it looked like a climbing/abseiling course, but they were just packing up and left 10 minutes after I arrived. (I didn’t think I smelled that bad…) Incidentally, when I phoned DEC to make a booking, I was told there would be 20 people there…

    Anyway, I led ‘Plummeting Penguins’, set up belay anchors at the top using two existing bolts, 2 bolt-plates, 4 locking krabs and two 4 metre pieces of tape, then I went down and belayed Kelly as she seconded up.

    We pulled the rope through and went and did another climb and then I went to get the belay gear … it was gone! (But the bolt plates were still there.)

    There had been a few people walking around the top (as usual), but I didn’t notice anything unusual.

    On our way out, I also noticed a lot of broken car window glass in the small car-park where the track starts near the gate.

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    Commiserations Phillip. The top carpark has always been subject to break ins, someone pinched my sweaty volleyball shorts from my car there 18 years ago!! I mean that is one desperate thief….

    We are moving into an era when even at climbing places like quarries cars need to be locked, gear stashed away, packed up ASAP, gates locked, blah blah. No longer a sleepy village. Bummer.

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    Commiserations Phil, that really sucks.

    I find it really hard to swallow when I can leave draws on a route for days in Kalbarri or Marg’s or even over east, with plenty of climbers around and it won’t be touched yet anything not nailed down in Perth will be lifted within an hour (two if it was nailed down).

    No respect around here

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    shane shaw

    All I can say is Bastards!!!!! shot them, chop their hand’s off. nothing worse then a thief

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