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    Adam Gibson

    So I’ve been trying my hand at interstate climbing access lobbying after an incident in Launceston Gorge where the council has chopped the bolts of a number of routes despite the routes and the bolts being permitted under the council’s own climbing code of conduct. It looks like we might be having a quick letter writing campaign early next week to put some more pressure on to ensure a positive outcome as the council has been strangely much more receptive to interstate pressure than local pressure (read between the lines and its about the tourist dollar).

    What I’m looking for is about 18 or 20 non-tasmanian climbers who have climbed in tassie (say in the last 5 years) who’d be willing to put pen to paper, I’ll help with the drafting so it should only take ten minutes out of your day. If you match this description, please send me an email to kangaroopoint@qld.climb.org.au


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    Hi Adam,

    Can you be more specific as to where in the gorge the bolts were chopped. I am guessing sunnyside above the walkway?

    If this is the case, i think the arguement For the chopping of the bolts is a very strong one, being an extremely high traffic area with climbs directly overhead.

    more info on the matter would be appreciated.

    Thanks. Rich.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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