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    Jamie Brander

    Over the last few days I have heard that Hazel Findlay is in town! I am not a CAWA member myself but was insanely interested in being a part of the activity as I think it is such as great opportunity for the Western Australian climbing community. I feel as though there was a massive community that were not able to attend the event(s) due to not being CAWA members and I am really worried this will reflect poorly on the capacity/involvement of WA climbers. I would be hugely interested for some more information on the decision to make the events exclusive to CAWA members.
    Please feel free to reply via email as I am not trying to undermine the association I am just genuinely interested.

    Thank you for your time.

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    I was not part of this decision as am not on the comm any more, but would imagine that CAWA is paying for Hazel to speak, i.e. CAWA members are paying for her, so I guess you can think of CAWA membership as the ticket fee.

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    Yes I agree with Ross, I believe Hazel is in town specifically as CAWA organised it and most likely funded some/all of it.

    The event is actually the CAWA Annual General Meeting where Hazel is the keynote speaker, thus don’t see it as unreasonable that it is a members only event.

    BTW the membership fees are not unreasonable especially given you can join at the moment for $28 (covers up to 30 June).

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    I attended one of Hazel Findlay’s workshops. The rare opportunity to do that is thanks to CAWA, so it is entirely appropriate CAWA members get dibs on such events. There is of course no onus on any WA climber to become a member but doing so has its benefits.

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    I figured it was because the event was running under CAWA’s insurance. The insurance is paid for from membership fees.

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    So the short answer is, CAWA members only because it was organised/paid for/insured by CAWA, funded from membership fees.

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