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    Hi there. Just wanted to see what peoples opinions are about the three climbing gyms around Perth. I normally hit rockface but I recently tried out Urban ascent. I must admit that urban ascent was a fresh change. Higher walls, rock textured walls. some good routes of all grades and the fact that it only cost me $6.50 to climb instead of $21 or what ever it is now at the face. What do you guys think?

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    I went to rockface a couple of weeks back, it was $18 and that was not incuding any hire gear.. The holds were dirty and hard to locate on some climbs, also noticed that atleast 1 out of 3 lines werent even graded.. pretty average really.

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    I like the Rockface lead wall for its selection of grades. The slippery wall surface is bit of a downer sometimes. The climbs get changed within a reasonable time frame, and some of them are lovely routes while others are a bit weird (personal taste I guess). They have CAWA $10 Thursdays.

    Urban Ascent is much closer to the outdoor experience with its textured concrete walls and a bit of extra height. I think there is a tendency for the routes to be reachy, even at the lower grades, and overly gymnastic. I’m average height for a woman and am not alone in finding them a bit stretchy, so too bad if you’re not tall or don’t have a bit of power. There aren’t as many leads and the grading overall feels a little stiffer (not a bad thing). Also, the route turnover is pretty low. Excellent training for outdoors though. I went yesterday and it was half price during the (week)day until 4pm – $5.50 is good value for money.

    The Hangout I haven’t been to for a while because of my own gripe with the lack of lighting (apparently has since improved). The plywood walls have textured paint so they a little more grippy than RF’s. The lead wall is great if you want long,fully horizontal overhangs but the routes don’t change often. I think the bouldering section with its cave is fun, as is the peg board. The traverse along all the walls is nice and long. They have $7 CAWA Tuesdays for your inner tightarse (like me).

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    Have noticed that I can climb around 21 at rockface but cant do a lot of the 19’s at urban ascent let alone a 20

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    Luke B

    Rockface is pretty much dead to me now :p

    I’m a student; I can’t justify spending so much for climbing that is little or no better than the other gyms. $7 vs $14 for bouldering doesn’t seem reasonable to me.

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    RF is a cool gym in summer, when the heat at UA can be almost unbearable. Conversely UA is comfortable in winter. they have different styles of climbs and it’s nice to have the choice. UA is good for a steady upper body work-out. RF climbs can require more thought. They’re both good.

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    I agree that Rockface is really overpriced compared to the other gyms but it’s the closest one for me to get to unfortunately. I might have to trek out to Urban Ascent to try their climbs out as I’m starting to wonder about the grading at RF – the other night i flew up a 21 and a 22, then for some reason got stumped on a 19… go figure.

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    I’m UA for the vast majority of the time. Friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere and enough climbs that i can’t complete to keep it interesting.

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    Luke B

    Yel: I boulder V5 at the moment, but still get shut down by the occasional V1 or V2. Climbing grades are very style or height specific; you don’t have to do very much wrong for it feel a whole lot harder.

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    Luke B

    Although I recommend you check out UA regardless!

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    I wish there was a gym near northern suburbs like around joondalup

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    Blackwall Reach! And it’s free!

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    Hey aren’t there some some limestone outcrops north of Scabs?

    Anyone found/climbed on them?

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    John Knight

    The Hangout will always be my home in this regard; the only one I’d wanna really head to in summer too. Rockface and The Hangout has always been a bit like a Holden and Ford type thing in my mind, but I haven’t been in ages, and I’ll be stuffed if I’ll pay that much. I kinda like the bright atmosphere in The Hangout too – family friendly or something. 😉

    All that said, Urban Ascent makes an interesting change. I’d still hit The Hangout for my main stuff, but especially if I want a big long climb, I’d hit UA for a change. I found I could do a 21 at UA much easier than a Hangout one…

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