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    I have been eyeing off a new route that may require one bolt. Because the route will mostly go traditional I would prefer to use a carrot to keep it in tune with the rest of the climb.
    I know there is a bit of controversy around carrots, but I think they are the best option as they are less visible and add a bit more fun.
    Is it ok to install carrots?

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    Put in a glue-in-machine-bolt, GIMB suitable for bolt-plates . If it is long, stainless steel, 10mm diameter (?), and put in with construction adhesive, it will be stronger, far more durable , and safer than a hanger.

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    I disagree carrots “add a bit more fun” or are “in tune with the rest of the climb”. Carrots and GIMBs only favour the bolter because they’re cheap and easy to install, however for everyone else they’re a pain, old technology and potentially unsafe. A bolt is a bolt and not trad gear so please do it properly and save everyone the hastle and potential future re-bolt. If it’s low visibility you want then use lower-vis bolts and glue or even paint it after installation.

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