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    i haven’t been out that way in ages but I’m always hearing about people getting cars broken into.


    Finally haven’t hear anything in a while, anyone had issues lately ?

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    I climb there heaps and have not yet had any trouble. I spoke to one guy who had his car broken into just after christmas, however he did say he had a car load of stuff in the back seat. I think it is no less safe parking your car there than the local shops.

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    We climbed there a while back in late October and parked our car near 56 Vincent Lookout.  There is a right of way between 54 and 56 Vincent Lookout that you can walk down and pass through a gate that gets you into the Wungong Regional Park.  From there it is a ramble through open trees and meadow or following a small road leading to the Churchman’s Parking Lot.  It’s about an extra 1km of walking but at least you park in a neighbourhood by houses so feels far more secure.

    Lookup 54 or 56 Vincent Lookout in Google Earth and you’ll quickly see the area I’m talking about.  If you want I can send you a google Earth file of the parking spot and track we walked in.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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