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    Karma at Castle Rock has been re-bolted. The previous bolts were dangerous which most people believed were glue-in machine bolts, however all were bash-in carrots with a small amount of glue around the stem to stop water ingress. 3 of the boltheads were 3mm smaller than the standard carrot which meant the bolt plate could come off when using nearly all modern karabiners.

    All bolts were replaced with glue-in ring bolts. The placement of ring bolts at a popular tourist attraction wasn’t done without careful consideration and use of appropriate gear. Low profile, non-shiny, stainless ‘P’ bolts were used with Hilti glue matching the rock colour and all were further camouflaged. 2 x anchor bolts were also placed at the top about 1 – 1.5m back from the edge for a rappel, top belay or top rope (with an extension) which are out of view from the skywalk.

    The result is a very inconspicuous route which, when done properly, busts the myth that ring bolts are too high profile for areas frequented by tourists. The work was done by Olly Morell and myself and supported through the CAWA re-bolting fund.

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    Tony Brebner

    Nice job Jonas & Olly. Gives us low graders a chance to climb one of the most iconic climbs in a great location. Many Thanks.

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    Great works lads!.

    Well considered and fantastic that the bolting fund is supporting this work. Thanks

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    Paul Ryan Donovan

    Thanks guys great work!

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    Good stuff. Glad to hear so much thought has gone into visual impact as what people do not see does not bother them.

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    Hey Jonas, good job.
    Wondering which glue you used. I have the equipment for hilti re500 but if I can use a better colour epoxy with the same application gun I’m keen to know.

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    Pretty sure it was the Hilti HIT-HY 200-R which is grey. It uses the same dispenser and nozzles as the RE-500 which I normally use but RE-500 is pink-redish in colour. I reckon RE-500 is still the best if the colour is not an issue, although it does fade in time.

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