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    it seems that you need some sort of pass to climb at rockface how do i get one

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    ed nepia

    you could just pick up the phone and ask them?

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    They prefer if you do the lead course with them to get the orange tag. It’s about 4 hours long.

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    Michael Strack


    I worked at Rockface for a while.

    Don’t know if the policy has been relaxed, but the lead pass is compulsory to climb or belay on the lead wall. It takes around 4 hours, as mentioned about, and is somewhere around $130-140.

    This is a fair bit of money, I know. Doing the course and getting the orange tag to display on your harness gives Rockface peace of mind and discharges their duty of care. In other words, they’ve given you thorough instruction on what to do, supervised you through the first couple of runs, and now you are your own responsibility.

    Have you done any leading before, at other gyms or outdoors? If so, you may be able to organise a shorter course (with a smaller fee) or just get them to evaluate your techniques and give you the card. This isn’t normal procedure, but I don’t know how flexible they are on this issue these days. It does seem a little unreasonable for them to charge $140 just to check that you know what you’re doing, if you’ve been leading (safely) for a while already. Go in and have a chat with them.

    Good luck!

    -Michael Strack.

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    yeah, I don’t think the course is compulsory, to get mine they just checked that I knew what backclipping and Z-clipping and such was. So you should be able to get their pass without any problem.

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