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    It’s holidays for me for two weeks, no work and little to do durin the day so I’m hoping to hit the walls a lot.

    I’ve been climbing 2.5 years but had the last year off and getting back into it again.


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    same here fellow teacher 🙂 I’ll be looking to hit Rockface over the next couple of days.

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    Send me an email Dave – jeffreyyth @ gmail dot com

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    The joys of being an educator =P

    Forgot to mention I’ve got gear for sport climbing and basic trad and a preference to outdoors if the weather permits.

    Rockface is the closest gym to me (I’m SOR) but I’m still trying to figure out a way to get there (probably cycle) since last time I went the parking cost me the same as the entrance fee 🙁

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    Hey Dave, Jeffrey and Squaek,

    I’m a traveller and I’m in Perth right now, looking for climbing buddies as I too don’t have anything to do during the days 😉 I climbed in a lot of the most amazing places in Australia, am comfortable with top roping whatever you set up (but the hardest I climbed so far was 21 ;)) and leading on sports up to 15 maybe 17, depending on the route and the rock. I’ve got a little bit of experience in leading on trad, but I’m not comfortable with leading on trad on anything higher than 13, I still need to find the trust in my gear 😉 But lead boleying is fine for me, I have quite some experience in that. As I’m traveling I only have my harness, my shoes, my ATC, some slings and biners with me. I’m in for indoor climbing, but I absolutely love outdoor climbing!!

    It would be awesome if you have some time, maybe even already today for some indoor at Rockface?! My number is 0421 044 608, write me a text if you have some time!

    Cheers, Patricia

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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