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    I have been climbing for a few years in Perth now and I have been eager to get into regular outdoor climbing for some time. I have done a lot of indoor climbing but only the occassional sporadic outdoor opportunities have eventuated.

    If anyone needs a climbing partner for outdoor climbing or doesnt mind me joining their crew please let me know.

    I comfortably lead up to grade 20 outdoors on single pitch climbs. However I have limited trad and multipitch climbing experience. I have a sports rack, rope, and I am starting a trad rack.

    I am very passionate about climbing outdoors but I have had difficulting meeting others with the same passion. If there are others out there with the same view I would appreciate help to get into regular climbing outdoors.

    Cheers Francis

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    I was in the same boat until I joined CAWA!

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    Thanks Joc,

    I appreciate your comment however I have been a CAWA member for at least the last two years. My general experience has been that any organised climbs in which I am likely to meet avid climbers like myself are difficult to join. The reason is that the feedback I have recieved on joining CAWA organised climbs is that they should best be attended by people who already have a climbing partner and not to expect others would be available to join or help out the lone soldiers often less experienced such as myself.


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    Hi Francis

    Sorry to hear that your experience has not been so rewarding. I found a different reception. I am in a similar situation to you and I have met others in a similar situation. I don’t have the complete kit as yet and have been made to feel welcomed when ever I rock up to a CAWA meet to climb.

    Please contact Ashley List. He organised a climb at Stratham’s and when I rocked up, I found that apart from us all having a love of climbing that we were also lone climbers. We were made to feel welcomed and it was a terrific day! I strongly suggest you get in touch with Ashley. He made us all feel welcomed.

    His contact details are: 0405 763 847 or Ashleyl@climberswa.asn.au



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    Thanks Janice

    I will follow up on your advice, I appreciate you taking the time to let me know your experience and lending a hand. I hope to meet you out on the rock some time!



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    Hi Francis,

    I’m sorry to hear your comments about the CAWA trips.

    Unfortunately, due to legal and liability issues, CAWA cannot provide training to anyone and legally all participants on trips must be ‘independent participants’. This means that they need to be able to take care of themselves and have appropriate experience for the type of climbing that is being done.

    Some of the locations that CAWA organises trip to are simply not suitable for inexperienced climbers and to take inexperienced people to these places can cause lots of problems. Of course many of the trips are suitable for relatively inexperienced climbers – places such as Willyabrup, Kalbarri and some places at Albany, for example.

    To give an example – on a climbing trip earlier this year, there was one person that was obviously inexperienced and not a good climber. They were however, made very welcome and came and climbed with other people on the short, single pitch easy climbs. However even of these climbs – like 10 m grade 10 climbs, they had considerable difficulty and showed poor ropework and obviously didn’t have many of the basic skills required for more serious climbing . When a few of us headed off to do a serious multi-pitch climb, the inexperienced climber wanted to come along. Despite numerous gentle hints that the climb would be unsuitable for them, they kept on insisting that they wanted to come. In the end, someone took them aside and told them that they were not welcome as they would be a dangerous liability on the climb.

    On the other hand, there was another climber for whom this was also their first CAWA trip. However on the short and easy climbs, they quickly showed that they were not only a good climber, but were also well versed in a wide variety of climbing techniques such as setting up anchors, belays, placing and removing protection and kept a cool head in difficult situations. As a result, they were invited along to do the multi-pitch climb.

    Basically, it is a matter of trust – and this comes by showing other climbing that you are capable of handling the expected situations.

    Unfortunately, many people ‘learn’ to climb in-doors and lack the skills and techniques required for some types of climbing on rock, such as placing and removing cams and nuts, setting up anchors and belays, and multi-pitch climbing. While the gym-skills may be OK for some sports-type climbing, they are often totally inadequate for the type of climbing sometimes done on CAWA trips. These ‘gym-trained’ climbers as well as other climbers that clearly lack experience and the required skills, while always very welcome to join CAWA and come along on CAWA trips, may sometimes be…. dissuaded… from participating in some trips or parts of trips until they can show that they are capable of acting as an ‘independent participant’. The best ways of course to gain experience is to do local climbing and/or do a course with a reputable company.

    The best way to become involved, particularly in CAWA trips is to get to meet other climbers and show that you are a capable and independent climber and to do this in a relatively safe environment, such as at Churchman’s Statham’s Mountain etc.

    As Janice pointed out, there are a number of informal groups that usually meet on weekends and go to one of the local crags. I believe yesterday Ash and several others went to Statham’s, while a few others went to Mt Cuthbert. I went with someone else to Barrington.

    There is one informal email list with about 50 people on it and emails usually go around on Thursdays or Fridays discussing where we will be going on the weekend. Usually anything from 2 to 20 people turn up for some climbing and socialising. If you would like to go on the list, you can put your email address up here or email a message to cawa@climberswa.asn.au


    CAWA Committee Member

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    Thanks Phillip,

    I feel more at ease with the CAWA organised climbs since you have elaborated on the details.

    I am easy going, I know my limitations at this point in my climbing career, I dont take unecessary risks, and I have always been prepared to listen to more experienced climbers (the more knowledge the merrier!). I hope therefore others will find me easy to climb with so please add me to the un-official email list of climbers who regularly participate in climbing.

    My contact details are:



    Regards Francis

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    Yeah, don’t give up. Climbers can be a bit clannish and rightly so, by climbing with you I place my life in your hands. So who are you anyway? That’s not a personal comment but just a healthy mindset most people have, incl in CAWA. When I attended my first CAWA social meeting in mid 90s noone knew me or wanted to talk to me. I insinuated myself into the organisation by just being persistent and reasonably capable (as me and Jon have been climbing outdoors for 2 years by then, there were no gyms). CAWA is also run by volunteers so no volunteer = no activity…e.g. last wend trip to Peak Charles….but I did update the guidebook…… The one trip many people go on will be the Kalbarri long weekend trip (first wend in June). Anyway, I hope this helps. Good luck.

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