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    Hi all,

    I’m looking to get into some bouldering, but a bit limited by budget, anyone out there looking to sell a bouldering pad?



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    Mark Steele

    I’ve just got back into rock-climbing and i’ve been getting back into some bouldering for strength/ technique and i don’t have a partner yet. I live in Bunbury (2 hrs south of perth) so Margaret River is not very far away.

    You should check out Clark Rubber because they have various densities of foam and they cut to order. I’m heading in there today so i’ll let you know what it cost me price wise.

    Then i’ll probably just get myself some material and make a cover/back straps for both the bouldering mats that i’m going to get made.

    As far as i can see this should be alot cheaper than buying a crash pad.



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    Mark Steele

    Just got back from Clark Rubber.

    I managed to get 4 pieces of their highest density foam with a 10mm medium density foam cover foam on each piece covering all 4 sides. Each separate piece is about 1mx1m and roughly 20cm thick. Each piece cost me $50.00. So $200.00 all up and i think i have pretty much double the size of what a normal mat for half the price.

    I will be making some canvas covers with straps over the next few days and i’ll let you know what that costs when i get to it.

    $200.00 does seem like alot but i saw a crash pad in Perth yesterday retailing for about $360.00 so i am in front so far and i think i pretty much have double the mat aswell.

    I’ll link some photo’s once the project is finished but right now i’m off to Welly Dam quarry to give em a trial.


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    Hey Mark

    I’ve made my own matt also and was cheaper and better than any other thing on the market.

    Mine consist’s of High Dense foam layer on the top, then Medium, Soft, Medium then another high dense layer on the bottom. The layer on the bottom is to help rocks pushing up through the matt and bottoming out. Its 6inch thick by 1.2m by 1m,

    The fold looks like a Z (to thick for a taco style)… so its cut across rather than straight through. This is a little harder to get right but still easy as in reality its a six sided box, get ya measurements right and can’t go wrong.

    I’ve then covered it in thick canvas, double stitched all the seems. Ive got pull tabs on the sides so ppl can quickly move it if you go off target.

    I also got mine custom embodied, skys the limit mate!

    If you got any questions or want some pictures, give me a email on allanjt at hotmail dot com

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