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    Some important info to complement the LB mini guide in regards to access and track condition.

    1. 100 m past the Wily’s carpark you have the option of going straight ahead through a bog or taking a right hand track which skirts around that area. As we went through the bog (more exciting), I can’t say what shape the other track is in but it looked as though there was still some deep sandy/muddy bits at the very least. The middle of the bog was kind of like chocolate mousse. If a spring runs through there then it’s likely to be that way year round.

    2. Another 1.1 km on from that junction, having gone through some deep sand travelling uphill and then descending a little, you need to take sharp 90 deg turn to the left to cross over the fenceline. There is a small gap to to do this. As soon as you cross the fenceline take a sharp 90 deg right turn. You will then travel along parallel to the other track, with the fence on your right.

    3. After 400m, there is a national park sign. Turn left.

    4. Go another 500m and take the awkward turn to your left. Go 100 m and then stop. Otherwise you’ll go over the edge. The descent track is pretty clear from this point. Small parking area only.

    The track sees a lot of traffic as there is a popular surf break nearby. Not everybody exercises good judgement in their approach to the difficult sections, making it much worse for those coming after and chopping up the track badly. Much like what happens on the WCH track after people hoon through it. After watching two car loads of young dudes execute car aerobatics, we stopped and did some track repair so we could get through the initial boggy section without wrecking the car. We let our tyres down for the deep sandy section after that. But two other cars didn’t and we spent a lot of time helping the one bogged up to the axles to get out.

    A few tips:

    1. Be well prepared. Sound obvious? It wasn’t to a number of the people we saw on the track. The tricky bits are only short but could wreck your day if you don’t know what you are doing.
    2. You need a decent size 4WD and good clearance to do this track. Unless you want to destroy a smaller one.
    3. Let your tyres down before you head into the uphill sand section. So you’ll need a compressor to reinflate later. We reinflated ours once back at the Wilys carpark.
    4. Carry a shovel.
    5. If you have tracks, you might need them to rescue someone else like we did.
    5. If this all sounds a bit too hard, walk and follow the cape to cape track as per the mini guide. It’ll get you to a spot just right of the clearing where you would park your car.

    It’s a beautiful spot but exposed. There is no shelter from the afternoon sun unless you wedge yourself under a boulder. In the warmer weather, an early start to take advantage of the shade is a good idea.

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    Wow this is very thorough. I would have said use the 4wd track with caution, best follow the mini guide and walk in 🙂

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