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    CAWA Safety and Training

    Rescue Training Day For Climbers

    Date: Saturday 14th May (RSVP to Adventure Out by 2nd May)

    Cost: $99 per person (the first 6 people to enrol will receive a $40 discount (CAWA subsidised)).

    Course Delivery: Adventure Out Location: To be announced

    RSVP by 2nd May to Adventure Out at: Tel (08) 9472 3919 Fax (08) 9472 3904 aout@adventureout.com.au

    There have been incidents in the past few years and our sport is growing in popularity and so there are more and more of us. None of us know when we, or our partners (or just someone on a route nearby) is going to need rescuing, and our sport is not played on a nice, flat field the ambulance can drive out onto and pick someone up.

    For this reason, CAWA has approached Adventure Out Australia to deliver a rescues course specifically tailored for climbers.

    This course will cover self-rescue and basic top approach rescue techniques, in a single pitch environment and is open to all interested CAWA members.

    The course content is aimed at the new lead climber, or equally important, the belayer.

    It would also be suitable for more experienced climbers who have not practiced or updated their rescues technique for some time. The first 6 people (CAWA members only), to enrol will receive a $40 discount (CAWA subsidised). This drops the course cost to $60 for the day, which is about 50% of the cost normally charged by Adventure Out Australia.

    Depending on the skills and level of experience of the group, more advanced rescue techniques may also be covered.

    CAWA believes that based on the level of interest already indicated and the low price, this course will fill quickly.

    For the future, the CAWA management committee is looking to find ways to ensure more climbers have some rescue and also first aid training. That way when you’re out, there’s more likely to be somebody who can get you or your friends out if something goes wrong. We believe it’s important and we hope climbers believe it’s important as well. I can assure everyone, when you’re involved in a rescue, someone with knowledge can make all the difference.

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    will there ever be another one of these?

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    CAWA organised a first aid workshop last year, with a professional paramedic giving the course.

    Considering the almost complete lack of interest – only four committee members and three CAWA members bothered to show up – there probably won’t be any more first aid or rescue courses unless a few more people show interest.

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    Sorry to hear about that.

    Maybe if CAWA decide to run one they should collect monies up front and have it non-refundable once the point of no return is reached.

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