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    Just caught some news off the web of a climber taking a fall in Mountain Q and being airlifted to Royal Perth hospital. The bulletin said he copped a fractured arm. The clip showing some of the rescue was timed at 1.14pm . They are at the base of Power Play/ Running with the Bulls.
    Anyone have any info about what happened?

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    Apparently a head injury as well. I will post again when I have more information.

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    Mark E.

    There was a report on 9 news at 6, but I managed to miss it. The ABC reports head injury and bleeding. The raw footage from channel 10 shows the rescue operation from the bottom of Power Play and Running with the Bulls. My guess would be for the former. All available reports say 10 meter fall and hitting some “rock outcrop” — which both would exclude Running, unless you miss a bolt, but both are possible on Power Play.

    Here’s ABC’s coverage:

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    Mark E.

    The nine news report is here:


    from what you can see and hear there, he fell off Power Play, and a piece of pro came out (you can see it on his rope while he’s lying there), and he hit the deck. Neck and spinal injuries.

    I take everything back I have written about WA vertical rescue.

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    Ross Weiter

    Near end of video I can see that the gear that came out is a cam. This means that he fell off the start of “Power Play”. That is a hideous landing onto a pointy rock. Poor bugger.

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    Thanks for the links. I am expecting another update from DPaW with more details but when I spoke with them earlier this afternoon, the man was already on his way to hospital and even though it took some time, nine’s report that he was lying there for ‘hours’ wasn’t entirely accurate. Nice work by our emergency response teams.

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    The climber’s name is Scott Richardson. More information about the incident can be found here:


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    Scott Richardson

    G’day all. Best information is from the horses mouth. I will give a full account once I figure out what happened myself. In short, went for controlled short drop onto cam for rest. The cam was placed well and tested as per normal. I fell and the cam popped immediately. I had placed the cam high so a little extra distance to fall. I realised immediately that I was heading for groundfall or close to it. I was knocked out but only minor head laceration. Right wrist also broken. Short version is that I believe the next bit of pro (a small nut), caught and washed of a little momentum and indeed saved my life. I believe the nut and a tricam is still in the wall. Would appreciate them back if anyone locates them.
    What i do want to do is to thank and commend all the response services that helped. SJA’s, RAC Rescue, SES, DFES, Police and anyone I i missed. THANK YOU ALL. Brilliant job. Also to all the staff at RPH. I’m due for my operation tomorrow morn. Happy to answer questions after that.
    Cheer all

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    Thanks for posting Scott. You’re right, it’s much better to know what happened from the climber themselves and any info you can share with us when you’re up to it will be appreciated. Hope the Sx went well.

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    Hi Scott, really sorry to hear that you were injured and I hope that you make a full recovery and climbing again soon!

    I had a look at the 9-News report and it looks a bit strange to me… It shows you at the base of Power Play and they say that they had to lower the basket down “80 metres” to you “20 metres” above the ground. (OK.. so they like to exaggerate a bit…) Then it shows them lowering you on the basket on a Tyrolean Traverse type of thing via a rope that I believe was tied to a vehicle.

    It seems to me that this is a rather strange way of carrying out the rescue. Wouldn’t it have been easier – and a lot quicker – if they just carried a stretcher up the rubble pile and carried you down? Or were you actually stuck up off the ground somewhere or there was some other issue?

    Hope you’re back on the rock soon!

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    Scott Richardson

    Thanks Numbat
    Distances were exaggerated obviously but the fall was about 12m including rope stretch. i didn’t see the rigging used up top but have trained with them and guess it was a tripod setup to lower the basket. This may have been braced of the vehicle which again is quite acceptable. Obviously their main concern is spinal injuries (of which there was none I’m pleased to say) so securing the patient is priority. The scramble down from the start of Power Play is quite difficult when carrying a 90kg bloke on a stretcher over loose stones, just not worth the risk to them or me. I hope you or anyone else for that matter never needs to see these guys work from my point of view but feel very secure knowing that if required, these groups will move heaven and earth to get you out as quickly and safely as possible I really do have nothing but praise and gratitude for their efforts.

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    Scott Richardson

    Thanks to whoever retrieved my gear left in the wall. It was returned to me today.

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    No probs Scott! John retrieved the gear i’ll pass it on hope the recovery is going well

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    Scott Richardson

    It is thanks, in the mean time im getting pretty good at one handed climbing.

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    get back on your slackline olly 😉

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