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    Emily Lewis

    I was reading the messages relating to Mt Chudalup and National Park Management Plans, ie restrictions on climbing.

    I am contributing to the development of new Management Plans for 7 national Parks in the Frankland Area so will include comments where appropriate to support climbing activity.

    As a newy to the sport I am not an expert on where all the climbing locations are so if there are other good climbing spots in the South Coast (within National Parks) that are not mentioned in the South Coast climbing book let me know so I have the information I need to include climbing as a recognised use in these Mplans.



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    ed nepia

    will your work cover national parks around esperance? theres some fine climbing here and there down there..

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    Hi Emily,

    you wrote that you are “contributing to the development of new Management Plans for 7 national Parks in the Frankland Area”.

    Are you doing this officially, ie as part of your work? And are you the Emily that was at Walpole for the Mt Franklin trip?

    It might be good if you contacted the CAWA committee directly – cawa@climberswa.asn.au



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    Crossbred Mongrel


    Much of the climbing activity is centred around the ‘main’ areas listed in South Coast Rock, with the odd new route being added in these areas.

    The majority of the significant ‘new’ climbing areas are to the east of the Frankland District (inland ranges, assorted seacliffs & islands heading east from Albany.

    Lesser noted climbing area within the Frankland District National Parks include:

    * Mt Chudalup (as mentioned ‘the contentious) – D’Entrecasteaux NP.

    * Chatham Island (limited access but has seen previous activity, unlikely to see visits from casual climbers though) – D’Entrecasteaux NP?.

    * Woolbale Hills (again rarely accessed) – D’Entrecasteaux NP.

    * Mt Roe – Mt Roe NP.

    * Granite Peak & Mt Thompson – Mt Frankland NP.

    * Mt Lyndsay – (probaly outside district) Mt Lyndsay NP.

    Couple of motley gentleman by the names of Matt Rosser & Jim Truscott that frequently trawl the southern forests armed with drill, big hammer & moonshine would have a plethora of information squirrelled away, but you may need some KGB issue devices to extract this!!


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    Emily Lewis

    Hi Ed,

    The specific Reserves I will be looking at include:

    Bokarup Nature Reserve; Cobertup1 Nature Reserve

    Cowerup Nature Reserve; Galamup Nature Reserve; Greater Kingston1 National Park; Kodjinup Nature Reserve; Kulunilup Nature Reserve; Lake Muir Nature Reserve; Lake Muir1 National Park; Noobijup Nature Reserve; Pindicup Nature Reserve; Pinticup Nature Reserve; Quindinup1 Nature Reserve; Tone-Perup1 Nature Reserve; Unicup Nature Reserve; Yarnup Nature Reserve.

    These are all in the Upper Western Frankland catchment area and I am not aware of any climbing areas in here as it is mostly low lying but I thought there might be some granite outcrops around potentially…

    I do work with South Coast Region NRM (which Esperance is covered by) but as my region boundary is the Frankland catchment I do not usually focus on this area. As you know some issues are not catchment specific and we often work on projects that are cross regional or integrated across different assets/ focus on multiple threats. As such I am able to pass on information to others in the industry that may be of some benefit from time to time.

    I am sure that as soon as I get out and explore some of the local areas and visit more local climbing locations I will be eager to go for a look in the deep south…

    I haven’t spent nearly enough time down that way!

    You might want to look at the Management Plan for the Esperence Coast on the DEC website and make sure that any issues are picked up in this if you have knowledge on this area. (I will forward to CAWA an email too)

    Hi Phil,

    I would of course contact CAWA officially if I received info to suggest that there was climbing areas in the National Parks MPs that I will contribute to. My official role is to contribute as a catchment management group manager within the Warren region (Warren Catchments Council). I do not have a lot of time or resources to commit to this process and so will be calling on as many other relevant groups to contribute if needed. At this early stage in the process most community groups have been included in initial consultation meetings which are being organised by DEC and I was just one of the group managers invited. It occurred to me while researching some of the climbs on this site that there might be someone out there who might know something about the region I will be looking into (when I am back from holidays on the 20th April).

    I do not work in DEC, but I work for a community group (not for profit) and I get invited to contribute to many different strategic planning workshops in the Southern Forests region.

    There is section on the DEC website with current management plans being developed which might be useful for people to contribute to if anyone has the time.


    The one’s I just noticed that are in development (that I have not been asked officially to contribute to) that will be good to look at by CAWA members include:

    Albany Coast

    Esperence Coastal Reserves

    Leeuwin Naturaliste Ridge NP – BOBS HOLLOW

    I just noticed mention of Bob’s Hollow in the LN Ridge MP Issues paper. This is what is says,

    “Rock Climbing

    Rock climbing is practised on two geological formations within the park on limestone and granite/gneiss. This access

    issue was not addressed adequately in the previous plan and there are a number of outstanding issues including visitor

    safety and environmental aspects associated with access to the sites, provision of toilets and staging points. In addition,

    the issue of rock climbing on limestone at Bob’s Hollow will need to be debated further. The planning team will need to

    consult widely with this user group in an attempt to resolve these issues.”

    I would suggest that this might be worth chasing up. An issues paper proceeds the draft management plan so it is not finalised as yet (according to the DEC website). I will email this to the cawa email address as well.

    And, yes, I am the Emily that came to the Frankland trip you refer to.


    Thanks for the heads up, as usual, your insight is always useful.

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