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    Hi everyone,

    I have been hearing rumors that there might be 2 more gym opening in the metro Perth in the near future. One would be down Freo way and the other around Belmont.

    Now we all know that SOR people have pulled the short straw went it comes to climbing gyms so if these rumors are true they might have something to celebrate.
    Of course the other side of the coin is the question on how many climbing gyms can Perth population sustain? Do we want a fewer gyms that do well (and subsequently invest in holds, walls, etc), or lots of gyms (and choice) that are breaking even?

    I wonder where Perth climbing community stands on this?


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    Scott Richardson

    Well considering the proposed Fremantle gym is actually only “SOR” by and 50m, we still kinda luck out.
    Rockingham would be ideal as would service Mandurah right thru. Just saying….

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    Matt O

    Fully psyched. More gyms better, especially if it is SOR (nearer my house).

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    Paul Harding

    Hi all,
    I am assuming that you haven’t visited Mandurah Indoor Rock Climbing yet? It has been open since January 2016.
    Address- 3/12 Thornborough Road, Greenfields.
    Phone- 9581 7465

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    Jay Sellers

    Rockingham has a bouldering and fitness center been open since 16tj Jan 2016
    3 Nasmyth rd Rockingham

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