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    Please keep this extract from the draft management plan in mind:

    For all other areas, prohibiting climbing on limestone other than Bob‘s Hollow. Climbing at Bob‘s
    Hollow will be restricted to the southern section of the cliff and will be subject to regular geotechnical
    assessment. If conditions change in the future, the site may be closed to climbing. Use of Bob‘s
    Hollow by organised groups or groups with dependant participants will not be permitted.


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    Thanks Bob! I believe you are referring to the 2 new routes (Lay No Waste 24 and Tiger In The Cave 23) on the outside of the hollow northern section of the cliff where the fishermen sometimes camp?

    I had a quick read through this publication and it seems that climbing at this section is restricted for your own safety due to a geotechnical assessment done in the past.
    If the new route developer was aware of this information prior to bolting I’m sure it would not have been done.

    So Please no more new routes at this section and if you climb (Lay No Waste 24 and Tiger In The Cave 23) Know that it is restricted.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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