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    Easter Trip to Peak Charles – Friday 21 March – Monday 24 March

    This year Ross will be the contact person, so if you need more information or want help arranging transport etc, then contact him. He’ll be putting up more details (including his contact details) soon.

    In the meantime…

    Most people will probably be leaving Perth (or wherever they are) either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning and returning Monday or Tuesday.

    Peak Charles is a 600 m high granite dome about 100 km north of Esperance.

    From Perth, the usual route is down Albany Highway, then turn east towards Wagin, then through Lake Grace and Lake King and then keep heading east for about 200 km on a gravel road until you reach the Peak Charles turn-off. Down there about another 25 km and you’re there!

    Otherwise, there are two turnoffs south of Norseman at 55km and 70km (i.e. 120km north of Esperance) and these good all weather gravel roads rejoin the Lake King road some 25km further on. 5km past this junction is the turnoff to Peak Charles. So to take these ways, either head out east towards Kalgoorlie and then down through Norseman, or head southeast towards Esperance and then north. These ways minimise the driving on gravel roads, but are longer. If you are confused, then get a map.

    It’s only about 820 km from Perth if you take the direct route. Add another 200 or so if you go via Esperance or Norseman.

    The camping area has a dunny, fire wood and not quite level spots to park a tent. There is no water available or other facilities provided. Remember it is a national park so respect the area and CALM asks that we confine camping to the existing camp area. Vehicles are not common so don’t plan on breaking down. Keep in mind that there are no search and rescue facilities so be prepared. If you have two way radios, like UHF CBs, then bring them along.

    The weather is usually warm and sunny at PC, although sometimes it can rain – like last year there was only one real climbing day (and a few hiking/party daze). The year before saw lots of climbing over the 3 or 4 days.

    Peak Charles is a large, orange granite dome and contains many smaller faces and gullies where most routes are to be found. The rock tends to be compact and most naturally protectable lines have been climbed.

    The range of climbs should satisfy most persuasions and ambitions with longer routes tending to be easier (relatively) and slabbier while sportier routes are usually single pitch. Routes range from about 5 to 500 metres.

    Many routes have had very few ascents so beware of grades, cryptic descriptions and unfastened bits. The heat of the 1991 bushfire has caused considerable exfoliation at the base of some routes and older bright or galvanised bolts should be treated with suspicion.

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    Brilliant 🙂

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    Thanks to Phil for the post: more trip info can be found here, or call me Ross Weiter on 0422 927962.


    Check the above page for any last minute details changes on Wednesday before the trip, or call me. There are quite a few people confirmed already.

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    Hi trippers – please note that return trip is 1700km which equates to $300 in petrol – if you register with me on 0422 927962 then cars can be filled up so that $$$ and greenhouse emissions are both saved.

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    I’ll probably be taking my own vehicle, simply for the fact that I’ll take up a bit of space. Two swags (two of us), plus gear is a pain in the arse to squeeze into other peoples cars.

    If there’s any room left in my car (highly doubt so) then I’m more than happy to provide a lift.

    Side question: Am I right in assuming we can have a camp fire, even during March, out there? Makes cooking a hell of a lot easier and well…who dosn’t enjoy a camp fire while downing a well earnt beer?

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    12 signed up so far….Elliot please text me your phone number on 0422 927962, if I am stuck for a lift for someone….I will keep your swag comments in mind. If anyone has a big rain/sun shelter tarp with poles please bring along as this makes a good communal spot.

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    Current tally = 17 people, including a crew of 4 from Kalgoorlie. The Lake-King-Peak Charles road is OPEN and there have been no rains recently but there was a recent fire so PROCEED WITH CAUTION, especially at night. If you have a 4WD setting on your car then use it, same with spotlights. There may be trees across the road. Also look out for roos. I personally recommend not exceeding 80-90kph on this road under any circumstances, based on having driven it a few times.

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