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    Ryan Sturgeon

    Hey Guys,

    This is probably a bit of a longshot, but…

    Does anyone have a copy of the new Perth guidebook that they wouldn’t mind lending out for a day or two?

    I’ll be in Perth from Friday next week (15th) until Easter Monday, but with a hectic work schedule, I’ll probably only get a chance to climb on Monday 18th.

    Just figuring I might be able to avoid shelling out if someone could help us out.

    Also, does anyone have any suggestions on where we should head for a day trip?

    We have a group of four. Two of us are confident leaders at about grade 18/19 and two are newbies who would be top-roping. I’ve also only got a single 50m rope and no trad gear with me, due to weight restrictions.

    Thanks in advance,




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    No trad gear? Statham’s or Mountain or Boya Quarry if you are into sports-type routes. Mt Cuthbert if you like slabs. Or Darlington Boulders or Llama Rock or Shark Rock or The Lost World if you prefer shorter boulder-style climbs. Plenty of grade 15 – 20 at all of these places.

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    Mountain auarry online info is here. It is reachable by bus from Midland.


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    Ryan Sturgeon

    Thanks guys.

    I’ve been to Mountain Quarry and Stathams previously. I think there was probably a few bits of those areas we didn’t have a crack at because it was December and 43º.

    Annoyed i don’t have any gear with me. Looks like there’s a few fun trad/mixed lines. Really want to do Playboy again some day.

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