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    Does anyone know how to get to the pipelines bouldering area from the Llama rock car park?



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    Luke B

    I’ll second that. Anybody? I’ve trawled through guides, galleries and webpages and have failed to find any directions. It’s not a secret spot is it…?

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    Luke B

    Even some coordinates from Google Earth would do it.

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    boulder bob

    try this


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    this may be it


    – WA, Perth region

    New bouldering area

    Just thought I’d let people know friends and I have been developing a bouldering area over the last 8 months.To get there drive down hill 500mtrs past the school at the end of Helena Valley road.There is a small parking area on the right hand side of the road with a pipeline crossing a small creek. Follow the small trail for approx 5min then head left up hill towards the boulders. There is a range of problems from V0 to V8 here with few lines left to go.When you’ve finished here head back down into the valley follow the creek till you reach the lower area on the left. If you see a large blank grey arete you’ve found Inner Vision V6 and the lower area. Possible hard lines left to go here.The area is called Dreaded boulders and I’m currently drawing up a toppo if anyone is interested?

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    Luke B

    @bb: Cheers, I’ve checked out that page, it’s got good pics and a topo, but I couldn’t find any actual directions…

    @dave: Looks like a good area, worth checking out, but I think it’s different to Pipelines?

    On crankdownproductions.com it says:


    Sadly the online guide seems to be non-existent (the link on the page goes nowhere).

    Jay also mentions Inner Vision V6, which isn’t on the topo for Pipelines.

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    Luke B

    I guess I’ll be walking up a hill in the area and scanning for rocks :p

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    Helping hand

    Follow directions and park as for Llama Rock. Start walking along the track towards Llama rock but instead of cutting to the other side of the valley you are in to Llama (you can see it across the other side) follow the track/road that continues down vally where you can see it intersect with the bigger Helena valley.

    If you follow the road across a high paddock, you will see a large pipeline to your left in the bush, emerging from the ground. walk down along the pipeline until you are now walking on the road that snakes up helena valley. as you walk upstream on this road, there should be the creek on your left and a double pipeline on your right. follow this road up for about 1km until you can see a gated road cut across the stream to your left.

    start looking uphill on your right and a little further up the road you will start to see the boulders high on the hill. there should still be an obvious track that leads you up and between the boulders….

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    Luke B

    Thanks – I actually found it this morning, after I decided to harden up and have a punt on the direction :p

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    The pics etc are on my site and at the time you could drive in via a fire trail cross a road, jump the pipeline and head up hill. Now without the fire trail access we have never bothered to update the access.

    There was a small cairn next to the pipeline as to where to cross and head up, but having not been there in a long time am unsure as to whether its still there or not.

    Plus as already stated, park as per Llama rocks head down hill and go left till your following the pipeline. I’ll try and find it on google earth and add some reference points when I get a spare minute.

    PS Dreaded is a completely separate area with some great problems and a varied range with easy access too.

    Hope this helps a little!

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    Luke B

    Cheers, Mushy. Yeh it wasn’t too hard to find once I started looking (I was hoping to get more of an idea before I went looking because I don’t know the area at all, and it’s a pretty long drive for me.

    Definitely good to have it up here on the forum for other gumbies like me in the future…

    I didn’t notice the cairn, I guess the pipeline maintenance crews would have removed it.

    Jay mentioned a topo for Dreaded, do you know if it eventuated? Would love to get my hands on it.

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    John Knight

    Awesome, gonna have to check those out Jay – near where I live too. 🙂 Just got some new shoes yesterday, gonna break ’em in on my Stoneville boulders. 🙂

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    Brenton M.


    im trying to find this pipeline location… the directions seem a bit all over the show… one message says to go to llama rock and then go from there but im not sure where llama rock is? ive looked all over hardey road in helena valley on google maps and also cant see anything???


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    Luke B

    Hey, I assume this is the Brenton we met at Boulder Rock on Saturday…

    Finding Pipelines is a daunting prospect. I just drew up a quick map on Google Earth, I’ve hosted it here:


    You can get a topo and see some pics of the area here:


    Let me know if the map isn’t good enough and I’ll have another crack at it!

    – Luke

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    Brenton M

    hey mate, yeah right, thanks for that, your a champ.

    we think weve managed to track it down on google earth aswell.

    at this stage the plan is to head out there this week on saturday around 10am or so, if your keen jump on board mate. if you are drop a msg on here and well be in touch before then.


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    Luke B

    No worries, yeh I’m keen for Sat morning. Not sure what time, so I’ll see you up there.

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