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    Does anyone know of any Stores in perth city, or anywhere in perth, to get Rock Climbing equipment from?


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    Luke B

    Mainpeak and Mountain Designs:

    MD – the Hay St store is probably your best bet, also some climbing gear at Fremantle. Claremont store is mostly about clothes etc.


    MP – Hay St and Cottesloe stores are both good, I haven’t seen Osbourne Park.


    The climbing gyms also stock various bits of gear.

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    Thanks mate, really appriciate it!

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    Mark Weatherill

    Carl, you can find a list of stores under the “Climb” menu above. Most stores give a 10% discount for CAWA members.

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    The Perth stores are pretty expensive most of the time. Keep a look out for specials – MD has one coming up over Easter. MP just had one – they had 50 m ropes for $145.

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    Luke B

    Alternatively, you can find many things online for half the price you’ll pay here in Perth/Australia, even after shipping. Of course it doesn’t encourage local stores to stock gear – let your conscience decide.

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    Rockface climbing centre in Northbridge would quite possibly have the biggest range of gear in WA. As the Gear shop manager I can tell you we have some absolutely amazing specials, some unrivalled in Australia for there superb value. CAWA as well as all Rockface members receive a minimum 10% discount off of all stock.


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    I’ve found Rockface to be generally quite expensive, although they sometimes do have good deals. Shop around.

    A few on-line places are:



    In particular, check out their specials, although you need to take into account the cost of shipping.

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    Numbat (again!)

    Just another thought – don’t rush off and buy thousands of dollars worth of gear if you are new to climbing. Just get a good harness, shoes, chalk bag (and chalk), and a locking crab and a belay device.

    There are lots of people that get all excited and go and blow $$$, use the gear once or twice and then never go climbing again and the gear sits in the cupboard for years or gets sold for next to nothing.

    If you decide you really like plastic-climbing after going to the gym a few times, then maybe get some quickdraws and a rope. If you decide you like real climbing (ooohhh.. that’ll get some flack! POM POM POM POM!) ie, ROCK climbing, then maybe start getting more quickdraws, cams and nuts.

    Of course, if you rush out and buy lots of gear, use it once and then want to get rid of it, let me know. I’ll offer you bargain prices! (for me)

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    Alot of replies.. wow! Thanks guys, been alot of help.

    And yeah i dont plan on buying alot of stuff, im just interested in a pair of shoes, harness and chalk at the moment.

    Provided i can get one of my friends to come with me, or find a partner, proving to be a hard task..

    But anyway, thanks for all the links and Help.


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    Todd Panietz

    Don’t forget about the big orange Anaconda store. It has a smallish range of gear but all you would need as a beginner and is pretty cheap specially when they have 20% off everything sales.

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    Hi Carl and Numbat. I beg to differ Numbat, I would suggest Rockface has some of the cheapest prices in Australia. With Black Diamond Fully paddesd Harnesses starting at $69 and Shoes starting under $100. As well as having the largest range in WA Rockface truly stands out amongst the gear stores. Visit our online store for a look at some of the great deals available.

    proshop dot rockface dot com dot au

    Thank you.

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    Luke B

    Have you no shame!?

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    A few things chosen at random from a few webpages…

    TOP GUN II” 10.5mm X 60M. (Dry Cover)

    http://www.rockhardware.com = $299

    http://www.mainpeak.com.au = $380

    proshop.rockface.com.au = $419

    5.10 Anasazi VCS

    http://www.rockhardware.com = $147

    http://www.mainpeak.com.au =

    proshop.rockface.com.au = $269

    Black Diamond Stopper Set 4-13

    http://www.rockhardware.com = $149.00

    http://www.mainpeak.com.au =

    proshop.rockface.com.au = $199.95

    Black Diamond Camalot C3 – single units – size 0

    http://www.rockhardware.com = $119.00

    http://www.mainpeak.com.au = $131.00

    proshop.rockface.com.au = $159.95

    Black Diamond Quickdraw – Hotwire

    http://www.rockhardware.com = $33.00

    http://www.mainpeak.com.au = $

    proshop.rockface.com.au = $42.95

    Like I wrote before – shop around. Often the list prices are quite high and I generally only buy stuff when it is on special. I, as well as other people that I know, have got some really good deals at Rockface, Mountain Designs, Main Peak, Rockhardware etc etc. You really need to keep your eyes open as to what what’s on special and is going cheap. Also don’t be afraid to haggle a bit, as you can often get a bit more of a discount. It’s also worth joining the various shop ‘clubs’ or email lists or whatever. Not only do you get emails about specials etc, you also get extra discounts and ‘reward’ discount vouchers – I got a $25 MP voucher on Friday!

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    “Have you no shame!?”

    Obviously not.

    This is from the Rockface website:

    “Black Diamond Cam Clearance

    Vendor: Black Diamond

    Type: Protection


    Now: $0.00

    Last three of this model, going out at a crazy price. Normally all three would cost you $680.

    Today, Make me an offer I cant refuse and they may well end up being yours. email gareth@rockface.com.au and any suitable offers walk away with the cam deal of the century.

    1 each sizes 4, 4.5 and 5 avialable, prefer not to but can be seperated.

    *this item will not be sold at the $0 price above please do not go to checkout with this product as you will be charged postage and you will not receive the goods. contact me on above address if you feel lucky, well do ya punk?”

    Now I know the author of this is trying to be funny and he is probably also a bit pissed off at the dozens of ‘purchase orders’ at the $0.00 price he has probably received – but then I almost did this as well – wouldn’t you? But I also find the webpage mildly offensive (now isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black!) where he writes the ‘punk’ comment, rather than writing something a bit more polite to his customers or better yet, changing the “$0.00” to “$call_me” or $make_an_offer” or something like that.

    Incidentally, a 4, 5 and 6 from http://www.rockhardware.com.au (they don’t list the 4.5) totals $523 – quite a bit less that the ‘Was:$679.85’.

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    Hey guys, thanks again for all the advice.

    I stopped in Anaconda over the weekend, managed to pick up what Numbat suggested: Shoes, Chalk Bag, Harness, Belay Device and a Locking Carabiner.

    So hopefully i’ll be up at the gym this weekend giving it a go!

    Thanks for the help everyone, maybe see you’s around one of the climbing gyms sometime, if you see a Pom in his 20’s around, give me a shout! 🙂


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    David Wyndham

    One more online store to add to the mix:


    $5 flat postage Aus wide, and another place to check for specials. I have seen some great rope bargains there before.

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    David Wyndham

    Oh, and one more plug for climbinganchors.com.au I have personally spent more than $2000 there (for myself and the UWA ODC), excellent service and fast cheap postage.

    UWA ODC members get 12.5% off everything, even the sale prices, as well as advance warning of occasional 22% off sales that they have.

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    Luke B

    And while we’re at it:


    Same owners as cliffhanger.com.au, same shipping rates etc, but with a broader range of outdoor gear. I’ve found them to be good, with an excellent returns policy (but as usual not on climbing gear).


    NZ-based, yet they manage to sell most things cheaper than Aus stores. And then there’s the exchange rate. Free shipping to Aus if you spend over $100.

    As always, look for sales.

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    Does any one know where I can buy La Sportiva Testarossa climbing shoes? Nowhere that I have found them from will deliver to australia and the ones I have found in australia are about AU$250.

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    Luke B


    They will happily ship to Aus – $160 US for the shoes and maybe $40-50 for shipping (better value if you’ve got a few more things to add to the order)? Email them at info@mountaingear.com and they’ll give you a shipping quote pretty quickly.

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