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    Hi all-

    I pulled out my trad gear last weekend after a winter of ignoring it . . . and there are rust spots on my cams (they’re about 2 years old).

    What are people’s thoughts, am I going to be donating more money to Mainpeak for new cams or am I OK as long as the rust is only ‘superficial’? Obviously if they were rusted thru I’d dump them but this is just spots of rust.

    Will WD40 help?

    Muchas gracias amigos!

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    Thats odd. Cams are aluminium and stainless steel. The shaft/axle might be high tensile steel more prone to corrosion. WD40 would definitely help. Check the shafts. Where are the spots? What brand?

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    The link was a bit incoherent. One thing , on WD40 and any other fluid bar water, try not to get it on the nylon sling or on the rope for that matter. I don’t believe WD40 will do any harm, but I’m not sure (use it myself). anything with a solvent, like marker pens, may weaken nylon.

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    DO NOT use WD40. Sewing machine oil is the stuff to use – it won’t damage the fabric. Better still, try a Metolius cam maintenance kit. I guess you can get them in Australia…



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    WD40 is a petroleum product. Can’t see it would be a nice thing to do to a piece of nylon my life depended on.

    Metolius Cam Lube contains a patented wax formula but it doesn’t say what kind of wax. The sheet that comes with it says to remove corrosion with steel wool or scotchbrite. They also supply cam cleaning fluid which I have never seen on the shelves and an M-16 cleaning brush, apparently the same as the brush used to clean the M-16 rifle, just in case you wanted to know.

    Cam lube costs around $10, there’ll be some raffled at the gym crash tomorrow night, (Tuesday UA).



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    There are few definitive statements on what may damage nylon. With regard to maintaining harnesses the NZ harness manufacturer Aspiring Enterprises on it’s website sez

    “Chemical damage is rare, as nylon and polyester are immune to most common chemicals, including detergents, lubricants, paints, solvents, and fuels. Spilling petrol on a harness will have absolutely no effect on it. However, nylon is attacked by acids of moderate strength, and polyester by alkalies, so sources of these, such as lead acid batteries and alkaline cleaners, must be identified, and care must be taken to isolate them from webbing equipment.”

    They also warn against bleach based detergents.

    Who knows this might even be true. There may be some published work on chemical damage of climbing gear. Needs a litterature search.

    I avoid putting a rope near a washing machine and would wash one in a basin with clean water only. Possibly the suggestion for sewing machine oil is good if it’s a very clean light oil. Ropes should never be stored anywhere near cleaning agents or acids. The fumes alone can be enought to damage the rope.

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    Di – bring the cams to eaglestone rock next weekend (plug!) and we shall see what they look like and if they work. If not, the raise-the-cam-from-the-dead ceremony (TM) can be perfromed on the spot.

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    Ive only ever used petrol or wd40 on my cams. the one time i used *special* cam lube, dirt stuck to the lube like shit on a blanket. used wd40 to clean it all off again.

    see http://www.climberswa.asn.au/Community/Messageboard/default.asp?view=message&id=340 for those wiggy about petrol on nylon…

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    I have always used a method i read about in an old issue of climbing:

    – Spray cam lobes with WD40, with particular attention to NOT getting it on the nylon sling.

    – Dip lobes in boiling hot water, dirt mixed in with WD40 will separate off lobes.

    – Use a liquid graphite bike lube, not the powdered one.

    most of the time i just use WD40, because even though this method cleans them and lubes them nicely, the dirt does definately stick to it.

    So WD40 is fine, just keep it away from the nylon and wipe off excess after cleaning.

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