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    too many bots

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    Mark Weatherill

    Yep. We actually get about 10,000 spam replies a month and 99% of those are automatically filtered.  With the spam that gets through I manage to delete it in a few hours but this amount has sky-rocketed in the last week.

    Spam traditionally contained lots of links so was easy for the filters to detect. The new trend is for spam which doesn’t contain any links so doesn’t look like spam. Some of the posts have been copied from other rock climbing forums so some of it even sounds like it belongs here! The trick is that the user making the post is linked to a Facebook profile which probably doesn’t belong to a real person – I think they are trying to manufacture an online identity for the Facebook users that will later be used in scams.

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    How about using letter shape recognition to allow to contribute? (without passwords)


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    Mark Weatherill

    It is possible – just takes effort to implement. Unfortunately I’m pretty snowed under with work. If there are any WordPress experts out there willing to lend a hand then we could certainly use the help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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