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    anyone climbed any of the boulders at smith’s point near yallingup?



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    yes, some good stuff there. I have done some nice lines in the zawn nearby and would be keen to know if anything has been done in the past here also.. you can contact me at cheers

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    Brett D.

    Climbed some natural lines in zawn area as well a few years back (sounds like same area as Kym).

    Fairly nice rock, some interesting features, named about half dozen routes from 12 to 18, wasn’t sure if had been done before as easy to find & access. Best done with smaller (for Capes) swell conditions as that side of point picks up a good amount of swell & does get some solid surges, even on small days, which causes the odd rock fisho to do a perish!! Some giant anchors bolts for the said fishos scattered around NW side of cliffs.

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    Hey Brett if you think its worth it, maybe a guide for the area should be done? The boulders are good and the trad stuff is fairly well protected and pretty clean, the traverse and a couple of nice crack lines were good fun, you could easily spend a day down there..

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    Brett D.

    It’s possible, definitely a bit of fun in a nice location, realistically as much climbing as Moses Rock area. I kept some route descriptions for the lines we did but wasn’t really sure what had been done before.

    Was down there last night (diving not climbing) & from the ocean side, the cliffs are quite a scenic bit of geology.

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    Im currently in the process of putting a guide together for this area, if anyone has any info then please email me at cheers

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    Routes or boulders kym?

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    Routes , prob check out one or two boulders this weekend maybe are you keen to get down anytime soon?..

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    Hey Kim, I spent a couple of hours at Smith’s Point on the weekend, did a few cool problems.

    I’d be keen to head down again for sure. I’ll be away until mid August though, so unsure as to when at this stage.



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    nice one seth.. the orange granite is superb. went and checked out merchant rocks near contos also looks wicked. give us a bell if your keen to hit it then, I live nearby 0488517860

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    sweet mate, will do

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    So I was down at smiths a few weeks back (with my fam so so i didn’t call you kym, next time). Climbed a few problems.

    First was on the obvious big boulder near the car park, walking towards it there is an obvious arĂȘte on the left side, stand was was pretty easy, sit is hard. To the left is an easy sit start.

    The next was on an undercut boulder straight down to the water from this big boulder. Sit start on big undercling through big moves up bulge thing. There’s a real easy juggy sit to the right of this.

    Up the hill there’s a cool looking overhanging boulder. Climbed the left sid of the overhang starting with feet on a big boulder, pull a few moves then top out. Not as good as it looks.

    I met a dude called Josh out there who was scoping out climbing he didn’t see

    to think anything had been done…

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    Awesome mate, the more you do the better it gets, ive been working on a circuit over the last month or so that includes up to around 10 different problems on half a dozen different boulders from around V0 to V3 and a couple of easier but really good lines. I have not yet done the lines you have been on but have scoped them and they also look good. The large boulders on the hill to the left of the zawn are great and well worth a look.. Do you have an email address Seth? Got a few pics together and some descriptions. Be good to work on some of this stuff together theres still heaps more potential and yet more boulders nearby..

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    seth at

    I’d be psyched to get down again soon and try some more stuff. I’ll let you know.


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    Brett D do you have the route write ups from when you climbed at Smiths, as I’d like to check it against other routes developed there and include your records in the new SW Guide. If you do can you email me a copy at Kermit at iinet dot net dot au?

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    Hey All,
    Have just moved back to the area (Dunsborough) and am keen to get out once or twice a week bouldering and climbing if possible.
    Anyone still climbing around here?

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