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    While a group of us was climbing at Wungong Slab on Saturday morning, a large (2ft) snake fell off the ledge 25m above and crashed down just L of the start of “Middle Line”. This is to say that the snake season is upon us again and sturdy boots and trousers may be beneficial…..and a helmet in this particular case!!

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    Tony B

    Two weekends back we went down to Churchmans and on the path just before reaching the start of the crag, there was a large snake on the path. Fortunately, it dissapeared into the bush, but at some speed. So beware, snakes are reasonably fast, don\’t underestimate their agility in the bush.

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    fast snakes are good, as they then get out of the way….its just with the “the snake season” being on and weather still coolish they are out but often do not get out of the way (being cold blooded) and this leads to collisions with humans 🙁

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    we were down at Bob’s today and as one of the kids were climbing Puk Puk on T/R they got to the 3rd bolt hung around there for a wile and a 1 mtr snake (looked like a Python ) poked its head out and extended its body then hissed (he was not happy about being disturbed from its slumber ) after the climber was lowered ,I went up quietly to clean up, the snake paid no interest in me, He or She is in a pocket about 1/2 a meter left of the 3rd bolt of Puk Puk just be aware if you are climbing the 21 to the left you may get a nasty shock or worse,its hibernation time so it may be some time before it moves .

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    yeah we had a bloody BIG dugite drop next to us from somewhere in boomer crag.  we had just descended and it landed on the rope bag where I was belaying.  I’m talking close to corona stubbie thickness.  Why they drop I don’t know – I was a little bit happy about being finished belaying though.

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    Massive dugite lurking at the base of Skywalker wall on Sunday. It was spotted at the bottom/start of the trail leading to the belay area of Power Play/Urban Ethics. I think its about 2m long!!

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    Nat C

    There is a snake at Willyabarup on “Hope”. It is hiding in the flake near the top and in a prime spot for a hand hold.

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    Willyabrup’s Hope snake has lived there for a number of years now (am assuming it is the same one). I was on ‘Hope’ a couple of days ago on the 23rd and it wasn’t there at the time. For those unfamiliar, there is a formation on Hope about three quarters up that looks a bit like the map of Australia; the snake often likes to lounge about on the east coast on a nice hand hold. My experience is it’s generally coiled up and dozing, and ignores me completely as I move past.

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