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    ed nepia

    well dosnt seem like much fun stuff is being talked about so what are your ideas for the best crag in WA

    be nice to justify with whatever reasons you think ..

    my pick so far West Cape Howe (atmosphere, rock quality, general ambience etc)

    and other south coast spots..

    oh and worst crags ? my picks the Quarrys (lack of atmosphere, rock quality and ambience)

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    The best crag in WA is the Grampians

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    ed nepia

    quite so but the drives a bit of a pain …

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    Last time I checked the Grampians were in Victoria !.

    The quarries are defiantly better than any of the gyms I have had some great times at both of them(thanks to all those people who set up the climbs there)I think for variety and access to Perth Willy’s and the Margaret River region has to win out .

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    Chris D

    Yes I have a lover affair with west cape howe – ambience (except the flys when camping), adventure, blue sea. I’m not sure I’d say rock quality is that great – depends what part. Rock can be bit greasy sometimes or loose in places.

    An absolute must for all WA outdoor climbers (make sure you can self-rescue and have outdoor experience). Love it.

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    ed nepia

    for sure… i guess compared to some rock quality it isnt 5star but compared to my home crags in NZ its sensational

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    colin m

    #1 choice has to be WCH. Very unique remote sea cliff, exhilarating atmosphere and bloody good trad climbing with a huge range of climbs at most grades. I always found the rock and gear good, except for a few teetering blocks and loose stuff at the top outs. Shelley beach camping completes the experience, and the walk in is good for the fitness. A trip to WCH is always an inspiration.

    Next would have to be Willys, for the location and handful of good climbs. Proximity to vineyards is great but never helps the climbing. Despite the convenience, its not a place to try and push the grades, classic routes can be serious with long runouts. For sport, Bobs and Kalbarri, although for the later I have never been strong enough to justify the 8 hr drive.

    Mt Cuthbert is suprisingly good and has some really testing granite routes only an hour or so from Perth.

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    colin m

    and the worst…well i have had fun at every crag, but Darlington boulders has never really grabbed me, longish walk in for a limited amount of average bolted routes on some high ball boulder problems. The slabs look OK from a distance, but always seeping…

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    Best -Kalbarri

    Worst – Gobbey Road

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    Richard W

    10 out of 10 for West Cape Howe as you know Ed! Sorry we didn’t get another trip in! It was a pleasure to have my last trip there with you!

    P.S NZ is still here after the earthquake!

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    ed nepia

    Hey Mate, yeah that was a higlight for sure! glad to hear the shaky isles are still there, be interesting to see how much of the darrans are still standing

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    Ed ‘and other south coast spots” says it all. For mine Peak Head is the best crag in OZ. You can shove your Grampians where the sun don’t shine. DEC are i believe installing a cable car from Peak head to Stoney Hill.

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    bluff knoll, no contest

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    tina (tintaj)

    For those of us with little tackers (is there anyone else out there?) but who still attempt to get a climb in and attempt to hold on to our youth and pre-tackers days …

    the quarries are our only option. They can play around the bottom safely – hopefully not disturbing the other climbers (sorry in retrospect and in advance!)and we have learned to appreciate the better features (glass half-full stuff). One day they’ll be able to belay the oldies …

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