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    Fireman Sam

    Apparently two American climbers, described as very experienced, were soloing in Mandu Mandu Gorge on Friday 11th Sept when one fell from about 15m up and collected the other one on the way down, resulting in a mess of broken bones at the base of the cliff. one would also assume that people soloing would not be wearing helmets (always wear your helmet kids) so it is possible that head injuries may also be involved.

    has anyone heard anything further? a terrible accident in a beautiful part of the world.

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    Postman Pat

    Sad indeed but no sympathy. Soloists know the risk and take it, so when it goes wrong they have no right to complain. Hope they are ok and that if a costly rescue was undertaken, they pay for it.

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    “No sy,mpathy” Hope they are ok” WTF?

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    Postman Pat

    You are an moron wasting our oxygen.

    I have no sympathy for what they did to themselves. I do hope they are ok for two reasons:

    1) No one like to see people die or become crippled.

    2) Because i would hate to see the unsafe and irresponsible actions of a tiny minority ruin this sport for the rest of us.

    So Oxy knob…..that is WTF

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    Easy Postman… you’re part of a community. Might wanna cool down before you write.

    ‘Soloists … have no right to complain’

    No one said they were complaining!

    And I don’t believe soloists falling can ‘ruin this sport for the rest of us’.

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    Yes, well, John Bachar went the same way recently…people who take those risks face those consequences….it is no different to any other risk in principle, just in magnitude. Risk taking is biological and there is a good reason for it.

    Now having climbed in Exmouth 2 months ago, I cannot say that I would contemplate soloing there. The rock is just too friable. In other words this is not the sort of rock where your fate is in your own hands.

    It would be also interesting to see if “climbing” actually means climbing. As far as the media are concerned, walking up gullys, paths, scree slopes etc is all “climbing”.

    That’s my 5c.

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    colin m

    dear postman pat,

    Very strange response on a climbing forum to some injured folk..

    My best wishes for a full recovery to those involved.

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    It sounds like another internet story. If it had happened it would have made the papers, and it would come up on google. Someone trying to get us worked up.

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    YO Postman twat.

    “I do hope they are ok” No sympathy…Hello Mcfly…take a look at your own words then take an anti-angryass pill and STFU.

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    Fireman Sam

    Richard, it did happen! we were driving out to the Pilgomana (sp?) Gorge and the ambulance belted past us and then we saw it parked at Mandu Mandu Gorge. And then, a friend who is a ranger told us what had happened later that day because he was concerned it was us (but it wasn’t) AND THEN a doctor said they’d been helicoptered to Learmonth Airport AND THEN we don’t know what happened after that.

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    Tom Banasiak

    I am a fellow classmate and good friend of the two involved in the accident. They are/were not experienced climbers. They were just kids climbing around and got a bit too high. They told me the rock was breaking off and was slippery. Both of them are still in the hospital, but they had no head or spinal injuries. I just want to clear this up because the report was made that they were experienced climbers.

    I think regardless of their experience level, we should get out of this a little extra appreciation of this beautiful life we all get. True, they probably shouldn’t have been that high on the rock without any equipment. Be careful out there!

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    thank goodness no head or spinal injuries sustained. Keep those lids on, kids. and keep it below 8kmph too.

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