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    Does anyone think supplements for climbing are a good idea, and if so which kinds?

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    Beer and steak. Oh, and for vegies, chips or wedges.

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    There are supplements for all sorts of things, and depending on which area you wish to improve in is what supplement group may be of assistance to you. Weight loss, muscle growth, energy levels, recovery etc, etc, etc

    First work out what it is you want to get out of supplementation, research the specific supplements quoted to assist in that area and if you decide to go with any of them keep a note (mental or physical) give them a go and judge for yourself if they were of benefit to you at all. We are all different and supplements may (or may not) be of any assistance to us as individuals.

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    Magnesium is good for recovery of muscles. Other than that the advice I keep seeing in nutrition literature seems to be basically “eat lots of veges”, as this by far beats any pills as source of nutrients….of course the supplement industry will disagree vigorously for obvious reasons…

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    Yeh I’m finding a lot of the advice floating around the web tends to be sponsored by these supplement companies, which makes it hard to decide whether they are biased or not… most likely biased I’d say. It was more for energy/endurance advice I was after but they all seem to contain caffeine as the main ingredient, as well as recovery so thanks for that tip Ross – I’ll stick to a healthy diet instead.


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    Mark Weatherill

    Crux issue 1 had an article on creatine for bouldering. It is reproduced online here at page 60: issuu.com/adski/docs/cruxissue1

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    BCAAs are good to have while climbing as they keep your body in an anabolic state and minimise the potential muscle breakdown after extended climbing, eat lean protein (or a shake) before and have some good clean carbs after for muscle repair, (some lean protein here is good too) the carbs will put glycogen back into your muscles which will aid in recovery. As for supps, it depends on how bad ass you wanna get and if you do other types of training. Personally I Lift HEAVY 3 days a week, 2 days cardio with 1 day of climbing and 1 rest day a week (theres nore to my training but that’s the general gist) I have creatine in the mornings with my vegan protein shake (I’m not vegan but finds WPI makes me bloated) I will also have L-Glutamine (Glutamine’s anti-catabolism ability prevents the breakdown of your muscles) then I make sure my main carb intake is from fibrous vege, and lean protein and EFAs are also from clean sources…

    Like I said it depends on how bad ass you wana go but until you have a clean diet and know a thing or 2 about macros and macro timing/planning, I’d just stick with eating healthy and drinking LOTS of water.

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