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    Ladies and gentlemen, it is time to step up to the “Start” hold and be part of the bouldering revolution! The Hangout is running the 5th edition of its popular In-House Bouldering Competitions, The biggest Bouldering competitions in WA’s Climbing history!

    It starts on Monday 1st April – EASTER MONDAY! ….oh and it is April Fools day, but this is the real deal. The first round of problems will be available from 10am. Then new problems will go up every second Monday, with a bonus problem on the off Mondays!
    Registration is FREE and you can join in anytime, but to get the most points available, get in during the first two weeks and start collecting your points up.
    The regular $9 bouldering entry applies ($7 on Tuesdays), however it doesn’t cost anything extra to participate in the competition. No additional charges for those with memberships.

    WIN: Chris Sharma VIP Tickets for First and Second Place and Chris Sharma standard tickets for Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth places in both Men’s and Women’s Divisions. Along with the most Coveted Hangout In-House Trophies and many more other really great prizes.

    If you are new to our competitions then ask out staff to give you a run-down. The format is simple and fun, and most importantly it is suitable for boulderers of all skill levels.

    We will set new bouldering problems every fortnight starting on Monday 1st April. The problems will range in difficulty so that there is something for climbers of all levels to work on. Problems will be “self scored” by boulderers themselves (and their peers). Results can then be entered onto the “climbers computer” on the back desk of the gym. This means that climbers can work on problems in their own time and at their own pace. The competition will feature 6 rounds and will run until late June. Then we will have a party to announce winners, hand out prizes, and celebrate.

    Hope to see you there.


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    Nice one. Did the 1-3 problems last night and had a good go at #4. #3 is a cracker! Too bad that finish of #3 is at same place as start of #4 because this was causing a log jam. I enjoy this format. How about a Masters category ye bums?! Not even “the other climbing comp” has one this year. Grey power!!

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    Hi Ross , totally agree mate great problems Great Job from the team but prob 3 and 4 bottleneck



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