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    That wasn’t an excuse, just an explanation. Unfortunately anarchism though a nice idea is a failure politically, and the reason always is people. I’m sure Matt and Jim know they have pissed a lot of people off and I expect they have warm chubbies over it.

    They’re not going to listen to me or anyone else, we don’t want CAWA to have a big stick, nor do we want DEC to get their’s out. I remember camping in almost every surf spot on the south coast where there is now a carpark and a “No Camping” sign. Can’t now. Too many people screwed it up. Don’t know what to do about it except let everybody make their displeasure known. That may do it. Hopefully. Before DEC decide to pull their teeth, cos if DEC do, DEC may well pull ours as well.



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    Ah, repetion. Bugger that. Thought I’d lost it so had a rewrite. We need to archive a bit of this site.

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    I always chuckle when people associate the proliferation of these chipped, rap/retro bolted routes, with bolts conveniently spaced every 1-2m, with some form of anarchism.

    Sounds to me like sex pistols lyrics sung by the wiggles

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    alan carpenter

    I’m sure Matt and Jim know they have pissed a lot of people off and I expect they have warm chubbies over it.

    Well I can assure you that these 2 stupid people will nere from my friend biran burke soon. if they continue to use carrots instead of best practice bolts and someone falls and dies i wonder are they going to get a woodie then or maybe they will suffer the big stick that we have in the government and that stick is called the supreme court

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    Brian Burke

    I would like to make myself and my associate, Julian Grill as advocates to help with your discussions here. We are able to access all avenues of Government for you and we only ask for a couple of mobile phones in payment.

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    Bounce….Power of the Old rabbit…Solo 15m up to carrot with hanger, clip dodgy carrot and solo to the top…..bounce…..bounce

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    Your argument about removing bolts lacks purpose, reason and in its self is an act of vandalism.

    Your idealism and cause is not supported by the majority of climbers in Perth. It would be thanked if you replace the carrots with new bolts / hangers. But I have not read (nor heard) that you have or intend to do this. I personally do not advocate the placing of carrots (as there are better products on the market).

    Emil and I have spoken with Jim and Matt in the past and commented that they should consider placing p’s or expansions. But in the end they don’t have too. It is their money and time they are putting into establishing climbs and areas, and I thank them for that, the climbs they put up are very good. If you don’t like it don’t climb it. If people do choose to place carrots they should at least consider that others may like to climb the line that they established and namely

    – use SS316 bolts.

    – taper the bolts and ensure they are bashed all the way home

    – only place bash in’s on faces / slabs. You will find that the climbs that Jim and mat have put up with overhanging sections have GIMB with fixed hangers

    All of which Jim and Matt do. I make reference to Jim and Matt as it is their climbs that you seem to be targeting.. Why just theirs? There are others that use carrots…

    Were Rabbit your actions do not promote a sense of “doing something”. Your actions detract from the climbing scene and create situations where someone will get hurt, areas will get closed down and / or climbing will be regulated. 3 things I do not want to see happen to our sport. Your actions are not supported by the local community (Myself being a member of it).

    You seem to have plenty of time and energy. Why not do something worthwhile for climbing in WA. Find a new crag, bolt it with nice new P’s or expansions. Better still you seem like a purist, climb it with no bolts on marginal gear, then you would gain some respect.

    By the way, you should use your real name as hiding behind the mask of a rabbit you not only belittle your actions but it shows that you are not 100% sure that what you are doing is what the “climbing community in Perth want”

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    You are a tyical example of those on this site talking yet doing absolutely nothing. Good on you for NOT standing up to Matt & Jims defiant bullshit attitude and mocking of the climbing community by continuing to place carrots and then naming them such blatant names as Carrot Terrorism. Furthermore your encouragement that it’s alright to place them is another failure on your part. These guys would be close to the last people in Perth placing carrots here in WA. The old lines are exactly that – the old lines! As far as my identity it will become known all in good time and you have no idea who I am. Wonder if you would still have your attitude if I end up being a 5’10 blonde with a body to die for.

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    Also Mark, your comment “create situations where someone will get hurt” is total crap. Removing routes with carrots can only make things safer. You can’t have an accident if there’s no bolts left to clip. If people get hurt soloing routes thats their problem!

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    I am a 5.10 blonde with a body to die for (and i climb 5.10 too – does that count?) and I can say with authority that you are not.

    In fact, I can say with authority that you are a male, probably 20-25 and you call your dick a ‘cock’ or ‘whang’.

    You know how i know you are not a woman? Because women chasten men so they have an out, so they can see their wrongs but know that it’s ok and things now are on track.

    To rip out bolts could be noble and chivalrous, if and only if, you made the example and replaced them.

    To rip them out, stick up your middle finger (actually, no you would moon them from your Commadore) and say ‘fuck you matt and jim’ is so pathetically male.

    A woman, if she felt so inclined, would repair the deed (ie replace the removed bolts) and shame matt and jim into completing the task themselves.

    when you have left your skid marked undies on the floor and your women is sick of them – what happens? She puts them in the wash and you feel so bad that your undies end up in the basket from then on no?

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    shane shaw

    wendy 5’10 blonde with a body to die for

    can you post a picture so we can idolize you.

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    Jeff M

    If rabbit replaced the bolts, matt and jim would just be getting their climbs bolted properly for free. These guys are not gonna feel shame, they don’t care about the rest of us, just their own selves

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    wendy, thats not a very good picture of you I can’t see your face 🙂

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    i know wendy

    shane here is are some candid wedding pictures of wendy, she was not telling the truth with her last post. that was not her in the bath

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    Why don’t you pull the bolts and repair the chipped holds/rock rabbit ?

    You are just a stupid bigot like you claim M+J are. Selfish and altering the rock for your own good. Leave the bolts as there are many Perth climbers that can and will climb the routes.

    And don’t try and claim the majority of Perth climbers hate carrots. Because they don’t. I have already been through that with Shane and 18 posters on a thread is NOT a majority… especially when some of those support carrots !!!

    You can try what you like rabbit.

    But you are starting to look the fool.

    At least M+J have the balls to put their names behand their actions.

    Got no answer to your failure to repair the rock have you ?

    You are just a lazy rock vandal like you claim M+J are. Leave the bolts so others who don’t mind them can climb and enjoy the routes. Removing the bolts just spoils it for everyone and no body wins except your little ego.

    Why not contact the rebolters and get the routes fixed properly if you don’t have the skill yourself ?

    bounce bounce. get your hand off it before your mum comes in the room and finds you with your pants down.

    Taa taa little kiddies.


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    ed nepia

    hello ulooked, strange name? do you have another? its great to hear from the otherside different viewpoints etc.

    you’ll never know anything about ‘majoirity of perth climbers’ until someone has a referendum, so making claims either way is just silly

    almost as silly as trying to have a referendum.. but anyway it might be useful to focus on whats upsetting were-rabbit… which is the continuing use of carrot bolts despite a worldwide trend to use better quality anchor AND then to poke the climbing community with provocative route names and descriptions about the carrots, taking the piss if you like. hardly surprising someone else is taking the piss in return is it

    good on them for their energy in developing new routes, shame they cant polish the job by using good quality gear

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    it is pointingly obvious that our new posted ””’ulooked””’ is not a very intelligent being and needs to go away and have a think befor ehe opens his vocal cords, or be his fingers. if you wish to comment then use your full name so people know who you are. ulooked and so did we and when we looked ulooked like a silly little boy

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    Raised some good points did I ?

    Hit a nerve ?

    Sorry. Didn’t realise you were using your real name. Apologies. Hah.

    The only people who contribute in a constructive way to the WA climbing community are poeple who put their names next to their actions. The new routers, CAWA committee, rebolters etc.

    You and me rabbit are both losers. Only I can admit it. At least I don’t go around pretending to represent the masses and building my ego.

    Leave the routes alone unles you have the balls to put a name behind your actions like everyone else who is out there actually doing something !

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    Jeff M

    Um Ulooked, were rabbit IS out there doing something. Also you say he is not representing the climbing community, I ahve been talking to a lot of climbers in the last few weeks about this, and though some think the bolts should be replaced most think carrots are shit and were rabbit is the only person trying to really do anything to change the current situation.

    I do not speak for the entire community but I know of no one except M + J and you (if you are not actually one of them) who endorses the use of carrots, big community you got eh?

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    Try Emil, Mark, Ross, Neil, George.

    There are 5 very experienced new routers and rebolters all who do not advocate fear based removal of carrots. They all seem to accept that carrots are fit for purpose in some situations.

    Given what those guys have done for WA climbing I would say their opinion matters WAY more than a bunch of random Rockface people who have never put the effort into anything.

    And plus, all of those guys put there name next to their actions !

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    i agree i am weak as piss i dont tell you my real name and all i do is talk shit. yep i am a loser and do not know what i am talking about. take pity on me for showing you my true qualities. i am a person whose mental acumen is well below par

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    ed nepia

    sorry ulooked i dont go to rockface…

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    Jeff M

    You are right Ulooked, there is a situation where carrots are acceptible, it is called the Past, ie back before there was a safer alternative.

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    shane shaw

    here here Jeff. Well said.

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    Peter T

    Yawn! Grow up everyone! Just think about DEC looking at this website – the “CAWA website”. Then think about CAWA reps negotiating with DEC on important stuff like access. CAWA reps trying to present themselves as representing a sensible and responsible climbing community. I’m not optimistic…

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