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    Hi I have some Blue Water 5.0mm TITAN “Spectra” cord which I want to seal the ends of.

    I have read that you are supposed to cut the core shorter and seal the sheath. Are there any better alternatives?

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    Use a hot knife. Go to the kitchen, get a knife – any will do – as long as it’s not your mums/wife/girlfriend’s best silver, heat it up over a gas flame so it’s hot, but not red hot. Maybe 300 C? Then cut through the rope. The heat melts and seals it. If it’s too hot, there will be clouds of toxic smoke and possibly flames. Too cold and it won’t cut, so you may need to experiment to get the temp about right.

    Second method is cut through it with a cold (ie room temp) sharp knife, then use a cigarette lighter or candle etc to carefully melt and seal the end, gently rolling it with your fingers (careful so you don’t burn your pinkies) to get a nice finish.

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    I have tried that, the inner core will cut but since its has spectra in it, it doesnt seem to ‘stick’ to the nylon outer.

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    David Wyndham

    A good way of stopping rope fraying when you cut it is to wrap some tape around it tightly then cut just next to the edge of the tape. I have found this combined with a hot knife gives good results on nylon rope.

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    ed nepia

    the first way is best for spectra, cut core shorter then sheath , roll sheath over core then melt

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    Thanks, I will give the first method a go.

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    Yep, first way does work best.

    Pinkies did get a little burnt but thats ok. 🙂

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