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    Ben Dougherty

    Hello, out of desperation i am posting here. if its not appropriate just let me know.
    I have zero knowledge of climbing.

    I have a very small RC “quad copter” stuck about 15 to 20 metres up in a tree in Macfaull Park in Cockburn.

    I can get a guide line over the branch (using another helicopter) and the branch is strong.
    The branch is overhanging and not much in the way. would be a trait up and down via rope.

    Is anyone interested in helping retrieve it ?

    i can post photos of the location, but thought better to ask generally first.

    Best regards

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    Might be able to help but I don’t have anything long enough to use as a ‘guide line’ to get a proper rope up.
    Photos of the tree would be helpful as a ‘guide line’ might not be needed

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    Matt 2

    Sure- sounds like fun 🙂

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    Ben Dougherty

    hi guys thanks for the replies and interest, I ended up getting it down another way 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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