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    Hey all you budding climbers, time to dust off your competition faces and show your form at Rockface on Saturday March 28th. (registration @ 8:30am) The Ultimate climbers will be the Man and Woman who scores the combined highest score from roped, bouldering, speed and my climbing quiz. Dyno competition not compulsory but will be on for those who want to fly. Gift bags for the first 50 entrants, pizza and drink for all entrants and prizes galore. Its going to be a fun based day so brush up on your climbing and mountaineering knowledge and get your entry forms in now.

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    Peter T

    Hi Gareth, long time no see! The comp sounds like a great idea, I hope loads of people will support it. Any prizes for grey haired geriatric incompetents like myself?!

    One suggestion, after reading the info at RF this evening: it looks like for the lead and toprope, just getting off the ground on climb L5, for example, will get as many points as topping out on climb L4! Surely this just encourages us to boulder the first few moves to get our best score. I reckon there should just be points for topping out, and we have to find the hardest climb that we can complete. So 10 pts for L1, 100 for L10 etc. This does mean setting climbs without silly last moves, just uniform difficulty in each climb. What do other people think? By the way, yoyo style fully supported, stops people hogging climbs while dogging/working them.

    Oh and one more thing, quiz questions back to the sixties and seventies please – when men were men (and sheep were nervous)!! Ideally 70s in UK!

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    G’day Peter.

    Nice to see your still around the climbing scene.

    If I may just clarify a couple of points on the rope side of things. You must complete (lets say) L4 to be able to score in L5. So say you fail half way in L5 (say 56 points), you “Cannot” claim those points without having completed or later completing L4. You do not also have to have climbed L3, L2 and L1, just the previous climb to your scoring climb.

    Second thing Mr T. You my friend are a climbing legend. you will undoubtedly score yourself a prize. The prizes will be doled out with highest scoring Male and Female getting first pick of the prize table, 2nd highest scoring M and F next, then 3rd highest, DYNO winner next (7th pick), 4th highest 5th, 6th, etc down to no more prizes. We have close to 50 prizes so hopefully something for everyone. Will only be able to tell that on the day though. Either way first 50 entrants grab themselves one of those great bags of goodies and Pizza and Powerade for all, hopefully no-one will feel left out.

    Now about the quiz. I dont know the first thing about the 70’s UK climbing scene, Im still in my early 20’s so too young I guess. But the quiz isn’t going to be terribly hard (If I know it then most people will too.) Just simple things like – What was the sherpa cooks name on the 1996 Everest expedition for DCXP climbing? (Just kidding). Im sure you’ll do fine and you can always beg (or pay) other competitors for a look at their answers, I have no problems with that at all, but please everyone dont use mobile phones, internet thingees, etc to get any outside help.

    Anyway, thats it for now, if any one else has anything that I can help with, I’ll be glad too. Hope to see you all there and having fun especially you Mr T.

    P.S. Talking of Grey hairs, Does anyone know if Sam and Norm still play the game? πŸ™‚

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    Peter T

    Gareth, I thought you were still a teenager! Points system on the roped climbing makes sense now, and sounds good. So it’s mostly about the climb you can top out on, with a just few bonus points for getting somewhere on the next one (that you can’t complete).

    Anyway it all sounds like a load of fun, I’m looking forward to it. The big question is whether it’s better to spend time training for the climbing or drinking beer and re-reading my old climbing mags and books for the quiz section…

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    John Knight

    Hey Gareth, long time no see. πŸ™‚

    I’m injured and out I’m afraid, tortocollus (or how ever you spell that – twisted neck kind thing) and a bunged tendon, and I don’t even have a good story for how I got them! πŸ™ Hope the comp goes well man.


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    Hey Peter, exactly on the roped scoring. Bad luck John, sorry to hear about the injuries hope they come good quick. Maybe you could become Peters partner in crime, drink the beer and read the mags for the quiz whilst you coach-like whip him to physical perfection (which he is only cm’s away from anyway) for the climbing. Cheers Fella’s

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    Conrad S.

    Gday Gareth (or should we call you ‘youth’, as Peter T.(the legend) is inclined to refer to any folk that are younger than he.

    Hope the comp goes well mate. Sounds like it is well organised and got a bit of something for everyone. Sadly, I won’t be there as I have something else on that weekend.

    It should be a good bit of climbing fun!

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    G’day Conrad

    Thanks for the well wishes, sorry you won’t be able to make it. Hope you get a chance to try out all the problems and routes soon after the comp.



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    What would be a good time to come in on Saturday as a spectator – say for 2 hours – to be able to see some high grade climbing?

    (I can’t find info on the order of events)


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    Aiming for (hmmm)

    9:30am start (3 hr pumper)

    12:45pm Dyno comp and Lunch

    2:00 pm Finals

    3:30pm Prizes

    See you there



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