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    Went for a look at an area today and noticed a “little” piece of gear somewhere. I would just like to assure the owner that I did not touch it.

    I reckon your’re pretty game to chance it though. I had an experience with stolen gear in Kalbarri that has made me more cautious.


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    Ned Kelly

    If you leave shit behind and don’t mention it on this site I WILL KEEP IT!!! If you want it back……proove it is YOURS!

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    Justice Redmond Barry

    Hopefully Ned youre not privvy to the vague and mysterious place that danny speaks of. if so, please leave other people’s shite alone and FOff. Folks like you spoil it for the people putting in the hard effort.

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    Ned Kelly

    Justice Barry,

    If you leave your shite lying around it is no different to littering, therefore all this EFFORT you put in is worth nothing if you leave the area messy and scattered with crap. GO GET it before i do and sell it back to you on E-Bay!

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    Hon. J. Barry

    OOOOOOh, watch out kids – it’s the Bouldering Police! They’ve come to search your pockets and erase your tick marks! To steal your stashed pads and break the crux holds off your favorite probs! GET A LIFE MATE!

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    Ned Kelly

    Oh my, didn’t mummy teach you not to leave your toys lying around. A stashed crash pad hey……interesting.

    Thank your lucky stars Danny is a good bloke and didn’t take yourlittle precious!

    Lots of posts here are about people leaving stuff at crags and having them stolen whilst they are still climbing, me included. I was only illustrating that if you leave shit lying around because you are too lazy to carry it out, YOU would be the first bastard to rant and rave that it was stolen.

    Happy Climbing (Sook)

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    Ned Kelly – I can assure you the area has not been left “messy and scattered with crap”

    The folks going out there so far have been very responsible and i’m hopeful that this will continue. At this stage there is no rubish “litter”, no crap, minimal chalk and fairly low impact. There are some bolts, there has been holds cleaned and flakes/blocks/holds removed in line with what I would consider normal cleaning of problems/routes, there has been no chipping and no gluing/reinforcing of holds. There has been some damage to vegetation around the base of climbs and on paths and this has sparked a thought that some effort should (will) be made in replating some native species in the area or contacting CALM on other ways that we can assist especially if an event is being held there.

    There was discussion on the weekend as to better marking trails as it has been noticed that some walking paths are becoming troden. There is an argument however that it is better to spread out your impact. I’m sure this will be sorted and discussion should be held with CALM as to the best approach for areas such as those being discussed and any new areas.

    As to your attitude if you are trolling, find a better topic – “Lets Liven this place up” and as to gear that is left at a crag, i’m sure the owner would appreciate if you keep your thieving hands off it, it will be noticed and it would be difficult to get rid of… in more ways than one.

    Peace out…

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    Ned Kelly

    Things sure did get a bit heated hey! Bit of a stand off. I appreciate all the efforts of climbers setting new routes and discovering new places. I have had gear stolen whilst I was climbing and it sucks. I just find it crazy that people would leave stuff behind and expect it to be safe, thats all. I felt that if I gave it a bit of a stir it might prompt people to look after their shit better. Had I been with Danny I would have taken the item and posted it on this page so that no other dodgey character (Such as myself) would take it!

    Ah this has been fun hasn’t it

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    We are a very small community.

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    Ben Fleming

    It is standard practice around the world to stash pads and other gear (stoves, water, food, tents) at bouldering spots that have long walk-ins or if climbers are frequently returning. Generally these areas are remote and only visited by climbers.

    Well travelled climbers would recognise why the gear was left there and how to treat it. Get with the times…

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    Ned Kelly

    Fair call Ben. All I can say is if it goes missing don’t start bitching on these pages!

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    I’ve stashed gear. Wouldn’t expect a climber to steal it. But who else would?

    If gear disappears, feel free to write in saying someone has been a horrible person. You might be lucky, they might accidentally grow a conscience. Mind you when I’ve left a cam in, I didn’t expect to get it back. (Nor did I). Scored a wire at Peak Charles once. Made up for the one my seconder couldn’t get out, (on the same climb). Peak Charles, though, you know everybody there, so stuff can be returned. That weekend, we were the only climbers.

    Be reasonable and fair.



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    Agree with Toc. Found a cam the other day and did the ring around to find who had been working the area. Located him, organised the meet, ended up with a bunch of tips and people to visit for a trip to Sardinia next month. They’re worth far more to me than the price of a cam.

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    Ned K


    Pardon my ignorance but not everyone has the privelage of being a “Well Travelled Climber” therefore were probably unaware of this “Standard” practice. I do hope you will find it in your heart to forgive my comments as I appear to be in a lower class of climber grouping than yourself!

    I think maybe you should get with the times and realise that all your climbing knowledge is not shared by ALL climbers.

    I am SO glad you are here to educate me on my short comings in climbing ethics.

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    John Knight

    Oh gawd, grow up you lot.

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    here here i hereby second john comment

    grow up…

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    I third that motion…

    Motion passed?

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    Ned Kelly

    I have looked long and hard at myself……..I discovered a pube……I am now all grown up.

    Growing up has been such fun.

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